On Slowing Down

So here's the thing when it comes to pregnancy, bar the first four months of terrible sickness I've generally just acted like nothings different. I get frustrated with people telling me to sit down when I'm standing, scolding when I'm bending and gasping when I lift my three year old. I don't think pregnancy is an illness and as a mother and owner of two businesses I don't have time or inclination to slow down or treat life much differently.

That being said..

I think I am finally admitting I need to slow down.

I've always been someone who wants to just 'get things done' I'm massively stubborn and impatient. Attributes that sometimes work in my favour and sometimes aren't so useful. When I was a waitress at 21 I slipped on oil in the kitchen and fell on my face (literally, don't know what my hands were doing!). It hurt like hell but after a teeny tiny cry to myself in the linen cupboard I realised we were understaffed and insisted I stayed for the rest of the ten hour shift. Still feeling a bit weird afterwards I took myself to A&E where they confirmed I had fractured my cheek bone and asked me why on earth I hadn't come in straight away.

This weekend we got our home ready for some big renovations, whilst Tom was upstairs sorting our room I was packing up half of our living room and all of my shop stock into boxes, standing on chairs to lift things down, bending down to lift things off the floor..and I over did it. Tom came down after a few hours of the jobs he was doing and asked me a question and I just burst into tears sobbing 'I'm just so tired, I have so much I want to do and my body isn't letting me do it!'.

I woke up on Monday aching all over, I've pulled a muscle in my back and generally feel shattered. I also feel a bit foolish, I need to remember I'm seven and a half months pregnant. I need to realise my limitations at the moment (including not being able to put my shoes on for myself now). Although I do think it's good to be active, I'm realising this means gentle swimming (not the half hour of lengths I did last week and ached for days afterwards), it means a little bit of yoga or a stroll round the park.

This Thursday I'm off to London again and then I have one more work trip booked in at the start of the month. After that I hit 37 weeks and 'full term' and although I've been saying it for weeks I will definitely be taking a break from that point. With Wilf I went on maternity leave at 34 weeks, I watched copious amounts of Grey's Anatomy and generally ate well and did yoga. I was so thankful to finish work and just focus on the baby and I feel quite guilty I've not felt or done the same this time round.

I'll still be blogging of course but I be officially hunkering down in the next couple of weeks. Wilf was born at 39 weeks and although I have a feeling this baby might be late I need to spend some time looking after myself and preparing for the birth.

Did you find you put more pressure on yourself to just 'carry on' with your second pregnancy? I'd love to know if it differed from your first. 

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