What Mama Wore and the last weeks of pregnancy

Owl dress by People Tree (get 15% off with code TLQ15) I bought in the size up for the bump but it's actually cut to be baggy so I could have gotten away with my regular size I think!

Shoes - Flossy - Knitted Headband (get 15% off with TLQ15)

On Wilf - Jumper / Cords / Wellies

So the last few weeks of pregnancy are approaching. I've actually found the past few days pretty challenging, headaches are back and I've been suffering a bit with heart burn and leg cramps. Still I wouldn't swap it for the first few months which will always be the trickiest (in my opinion!). I know this will be my last pregnancy and at times I feel sad that I'll never experience this again but there are other times I'm very much looking forward to getting my body back again.

I feel really heavy and limited in much that I can do and I'm really looking forward to slowing things down (do I sound like a broken record? I swear I've been telling people I will slow down for ages!). I'm really looking forward to experiencing going through labour and birth again and the only thing I'm slightly apprehensive about is my due dates. I was originally due on the 14th (Wilf's birthday) and then it was moved by a week to the 7th. My only worry is that if the original date is right then it would seem like I was 'overdue' when I wasn't and could cause issues. I know you are can go as overdue as you like but I'd rather not have the hassle of it, that being said Wilf was born at 39 weeks so I'm hoping this little baby follows suit!

We have pretty much everything we need now for the arrival, including a bouncy chair and moses basket which somehow makes things seem a bit more 'real'. It will be strange to have baby stuff around the living room again after so long.

Wilf is being super cute when it comes to talking about his little sister, the other day he leant close to my tummy and said 'woof woof!'. When I asked him why he was barking he said 'so she will think that her brother is maybe a dog and that will be a funny joke when she is here!'. I love the way three year olds minds work!

I'm not sleeping massively well at the moment but I did finally invest in a pregnancy pillow which I should have done ages ago and is helping. I do feel like this baby is really low down though so I'm feeling a lot of pressure and it's making it hard to walk at times. I'm not sure if it's because the baby is lower down earlier than Wilf was or if it's because my muscles don't work at well as they did first time round!

I've also bought myself a pregnancy yoga DVD and mats for Wilf and I so we can do a bit of yoga in the morning together, which could be interesting! 

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