winter beginnings and softer starts

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I'm always pretty adamant about the official start of Winter (Dec 1st btw). Mainly because my birthday is the 30th of November and I maintain it's in Autumn which is my favourite season. However it's around this time of year that I start to think to the winter, to Christmas, to evenings spent cuddled up, slippers and baking and all the excitement of the holiday season.

Last weekend the clocks went back of course and anyone with kids spent Saturday wondering when bedtime was going to come around after their stupid o clock start! I'm actually much more of a morning person than an evening person which is useful when you become a parent but still early mornings in the winter can be pretty brutal.

I have to admit I have it pretty good when it comes to our morning routine. Tom get's up around 6.30 for work and although Wilf will have been in our bed and awake for a little while he then brings us both our breakfast in bed and a mug of tea for me before I really have to get up for the day. He did try and enforce a 'no breakfast in bed' rule a while back due to the amount of crumbs that end up in there, but I said that my rule was 'no cats in the bed' in return and that lasted about 5 minutes so the breakfast in bed became a thing again ;)

Belvita were kind enough to send us a little hamper the other day to help with the transition to the darker morning including some of their new soft bakes. Best enjoyed with a cup of tea, your slippers on and maybe even a hot water bottle for that extra snuggly feeling before the day begins.

In case you were wondering slippers from here and chunky knit from here, plate from here!

I think especially with being heavily pregnant at the moment I'm really embracing the slow starts and the cosiness of the approaching winter. I think I maybe should have been Danish as I'm very much into the idea of Hygge!

How do you start your mornings? Do you embrace the darker months and the cosiness they bring?

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