A little post about breathing better in the winter

About six years ago when Tom and I had only been together for about a year he ended up going away for a weekend and had an episode during the night where he couldn't breath properly. I wasn't there to witness it but I knew from the sounds of it it was pretty bad and in the days following he struggled to catch his breath at times and would wheeze in the shower and when sleeping.

Over the next few years he would have an attack like this maybe twice a year and often have occasions during the winter where he would be short of breath and wheezy. Although he was reluctant to see a doctor I did get him to go twice over this time but due to appointment times by the time he had visited he was always feeling better and so was generally just turned away.

A few weeks ago whilst getting the house ready for building work I woke up to find he was having another episode and when the morning came around and I found him getting ready for work on no sleep and trying to catch his breath I'd had enough of the situation. Marching (actually see waddling) over the road to the doctors surgery as soon as the doors opened I booked him in to see the asthma nurse. I knew he must be feeling pretty awful when he agreed to make the appointment later that morning and she finally confirmed what we'd kind of guessed all along. Tom has asthma.

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Now armed with a daily inhaler and also one for occasional attacks I feel much more confident about these situations for the future. I can't tell you how worrying it is to see someone you love fighting to catch their breath (and also how frustrated you feel with them for not seeking help!). Another thing we decided to try out was a humidifier, asthma can flair up in the winter and we'd been thinking about getting a humidifier anyway for when the baby arrives.

In the winter the air becomes dryer meaning you are more prone to colds, chapped lips and dehydrated skin (I know myself and Wilf often suffer from chapped lips during this time of year). It was a strange coincidence that after all this going on with Tom's breathing that we happened to be offered to try out the humidifier from Dyson.

The thing that sets this humidifier above the rest is that it is designed to actually hygienically cleanse the air around you. It's been accredited by Airmid Health Group, British Skin Foundation and Skin Health Alliance to be asthma, allergy and skin healthy. I can't really even get my head around how this works but the 'Ultraviolet Cleanse' technology uses a three minute cycle to kill 99.9% of bacteria in the water tank before sending it back into the air with a hygienic mist!

One of the things I really noticed about it is how quiet it is. Having been certified a 'Quiet Mark' by the Noise Abatement Society it means you never really know it's on and its perfect to use in the bedroom and kids rooms without disturbing sleep.

We've only been using the humidifier for a few weeks now but I really feel like I can tell a difference to my skin. It doesn't feel as dry as it often does in the winter months and it's a great piece of kit to have now we know that Tom is an asthma suffer.

We were sent the Dyson Humidifier but all words and thought are my own. You can pick up one here for 10% off.

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