So I turned 30


So I turned 30 at nine months pregnant, for that reason it really wasn't ever going to be a big celebration but I had a lovely day all the same. Tom is really good at buying gifts (helped probably by the fact I'm always going on about things I'm obsessed with) and this year was no exception. I got some kick ass Little Mermaid Disney for Vans trainers and the most beautiful skirt from Anthropologie amongst other things.

I spent the day with Wilf and he was kind enough to let me sneak a nap in, we baked a carrot cake (that our fat cat then ate the top off half!) and then when Tom was home we had takeaway. Kinda perfect for how I'm feeling these days if I'm honest. It's no secret I'd kinda hoped for the baby to be born before my birthday and although I'm not even overdue yet I'm starting to feel a bit disappointed that nothing is happening.

I've been having braxton hicks for about a week now which are fine as in they're not uncomfortable but they do get my hopes up for them to turn into something else. I usually wake up each morning thinking 'please let me go into labour today' and then by about 8pm I'm thinking 'I really hope I don't got into labour tonight, I'm too tired!'. I know I probably sound a bit over the top considering I've not even reached my due date yet so you're all in for a treat if I do go over a fair bit!

I know it's normal to feel this way at the end of pregnancy, I think it's a lot harder when I haven't really got much planned with my days so I've been trying to get out of the house even if it's just to grab coffee. The other day I visited an accupucturist but she wouldn't do any of the encouraging labour points until I'm officially 'overdue' which on one hand was disappointing but I understood her reasons. She did do some energy points though so I've been feeling really good since then. Today I have a long massage booked in so it's really not all that bad ;)

So that was my twenties, I'm really looking forward to what 30 will bring (especially the having a baby part!)

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