the first park and three weeks postpartum

It's a funny thing, having a newborn around again, everything is so new and yet familiar too. It's been four years since we've had a baby around the house, almost four years exactly actually as Mabli and Wilf's birthdates are just 9 days apart. My 'Time Hop' app shows me images of newborn Wilf and I look down at Mabli and marvel at how alike they look. Last week it showed us our first walk around the park with our newborn and this week we took the baby out to do the exact same thing (actually I blogged about it here!).

So we took that first trip round our local park at three weeks postpartum this time round. The first time we'd testing our new pram (we were lucky enough to be sent the Wonder from Cosatto in Hepburn and I'm in love with it!). I've been a fan of the brand since we first started using their products with Wilf (see our Ooba and Giggle reviews if you like) especially as a fan of colour, their designs are right up my street.

We've not actually gone much further than a little stroll so not tested it on public transport yet but I'll do a proper a review in a few weeks I think. I think the fixed wheels will take a little getting used to after years of swivel wheels but the suspension is great for getting over curbs etc.

Anyway, back to the walk.

I'm still getting used to my new body shape, although I don't expect to be back into my old size clothes for a while of course but the main thing I'm getting my head around is my ridiculously large boobs. I breastfed Wilf for two and a half years but breastfeeding after 6m or a year is a really different experience to the early days. By a year my figure was pretty much the same as it was before pregnancy and my boobs were also back to their normal size. I keep thinking that things will fit me in a large size and then not factoring in getting them over my chest! I'm also a bit of a loss with 'nursing clothes' any that specifically advertise as such seem to be maternity clothes too which doesn't make much sense to me tbh. If you have any breastfeeding friendly store recommendations then send them my way!

As you can tell from this pics Wilf was VERY excited to be the one pushing the pram. He's taking his role as big brother very seriously and when she occasionally cries he states 'she's sad because she can't see me' ha! I'm pretty sure when she starts smiling & laughing then he is going to be her favourite person ever.

I've been so impressed with my little boy and how he's taking this big change in his life. So far it's been pretty smooth sailing. Probably helped by the fact Tom is off too so he's always getting attention from one of us. That and the fact it's just been Christmas and he's been thoroughly spoilt!

In case you were wondering, my coat is from here (you can get 15% off full priced items with TLQ15) and Wilf's coat is from here and currently on sale.    

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