Wilf is four! (and other ramblings)

Apologies for the terrible grainy phone pic but this was the only snap I managed to take of my beautiful boy on his birthday. After this was taken Tom whisked him out the house for a full day of birthday treats (keeping the eagle mask on) whilst I retired back to bed with the baby. We always knew this birthday would be a tricky one considering my due date was exactly a week before his birthday (thankfully Mabli decided to arrive two days early). I'm just so glad she wasn't born too close to it as even being nine days before hand things still feel a bit hectic.

So Wilf and Tom spent a morning at the cinema and then crazy golf followed by a treat lunch and the opportunity to spend some of his birthday money given to him the day before by his grandad. When they got home Tom told me that instead of spending it on himself he wanted to buy something for his sister (he bought her some socks with animals on them!). I can't tell you how much that made my heart burst, my beautiful, thoughtful little boy.

So far Wilf seems to be taking all the big changes in his stride and he is so adorable with the new baby. He loves to kiss and hug her and is ever so gentle, he gets a bit anxious if she cries but tbh she doesn't tend to do that for long as long as the milk maid (me!) is quick to react.

I've had a few ups and downs in terms of my recovery since my last post and I'm currently just getting over a bout of mastitis. I've been careful to make sure I'm monitoring my feelings incase I feel like things are going the way they did in the newborn days with Wilf (where I had pnd) but I'm generally feeling pretty chipper (if quite sleep deprived!). I do get moments when I feel sad I can't cuddle my big boy when he comes into bed at night like we used to. He would sneak in and wrap his little arms around me and whisper 'i need to be with you mama'. Now he gets in at Tom's side and they cuddle together or sometimes Tom will go sleep in with him in his bed when he wakes. I can't currently cuddle Wilf at night because Mabli is taking after her big brother as the velcro baby and will only sleep on my chest or in my arms but as I know this is our last baby I'm actually really enjoying the newborn snuggles.

I know that it's early days and soon my arms can be full with both my children. I'm also so thankful that we have Tom and he is so good with keeping Wilf occupied and not feeling left out. Next week he returns to work for a few days before the holidays and the start of him taking my maternity leave (and five months off whoop!). I'm a little apprehensive of how I'll cope on my own with two children but it's only three days and of course I'll manage (even if there might be a fair bit of TV involved!).

I'm so grateful to this sweet boy for making me a mother. For showing me how to be a better version of myself, teaching me patience I didn't know I had and helping me view the world though his eyes. There isn't a day that goes by that Wilf doesn't say something that makes me think a little differently about something, take a closer look at something I would have passed by or question something I'd never really thought about. Being a parent is such a honour and I feel overwhelmed that we now have two healthy children to love and cherish. I can't even count how many times I look at them both and want to say for the millionth time 'we are so lucky'.

I'll be back soon with Mabli's birth story and a few thoughts I've had in these crazy two weeks, I'm not entirely sure how it's almost been that long already! 

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