Me and Mine January

Another set of indoor photos this month because oh-my-gosh it's so hard to take photos in the winter! We can't really do outdoor ones anywhere interesting because it would involve getting the baby out the sling and always seems like such a faff (especially when it's grey and rainy and cold!). I've been grumbling to Tom about it so much that he's probably wishing on the spring just so I can stop going on about it ;)

So anyway this month we all piled into Wilf's room which happens to get the most light and Wilf stood on a stool so we could all get into shot. We've had a really brilliant month despite the rain and even though Mabli was born at the start of Dec it sort of feels like our first month into parenting two because the first four weeks were such a haze. Add to that all the Christmas festivities and it didn't really feel real almost!

I've mentioned before that Tom and I are sharing Maternity/Paternity leave which actually means he is going to be home with us for a good few months. Its a decision we are so so grateful we've been able to make work as it's meant that so far things have really been fairly easy. Obviously there is still sleep deprivation which makes days feel a bit tough and add to that the closing of the shop and being back at work very early on it's sometimes felt exhausting but really it's been going very well. I do feel like a very lucky mama indeed to be able to wake up at 8.30am with tea and toast every morning whilst Tom plays with Wilf from 6!

On that note, with Tom home we've been able to make sure that Wilf never really wants for attention at all. If anything he's getting more than ever as they go off on their father/son activities in the morning whilst I spend sometime with the baby. With school starting in September (I feel emotional just thinking about that!) it's so nice for them to get this quality time together now.

I can't believe that 8 weeks have gone by since having Mabli and it feels like she was always here. She's slotted in so easily and is a very calm little soul. Wilf is really enjoying showing her off to pretty much everyone we meet, he's already discussing sleeping arrangements for when they eventually share a room!

I'm so happy to be co-hosting Me and Mine again this year as I just know it's going to fly by and it's been so lovely to look back over last years pics! 

Don't forget to visit my co-hosts LucyKatieAlexLucy and Jenny!


A valentines inspired outfit & balloon fun

You may have noticed from the theme of some of my latest posts but outfit posts are some of my very favourite to do. It appeals to little girl in me who still loves swishing around in floaty skirts and wearing all the colours all at once ;)

Since becoming parents we haven't had a huge amount of time for dates or celebrating things like Valentines day but I still like to dress up fancy even if it's just for coffee with the kiddos in tow. I know it's not actually Valentines for a couple of weeks but I thought I'd put together this themed outfit  just for fun!

We headed out the other day to do just this, accompanied by pretty balloons for both me and my little date, my four year old! The amount of people that asked if we'd just been to a party when they saw us, balloons in hand. Their faces when we told them they were just for the sake of it, and why not hey? 

I've decided now that balloons are the perfect accessory for an outfit, they certainly make people smile. It's also pretty hard to not be in a good mood when you're carrying around an oversized pastel tasselled pink balloon, you'd look pretty silly to be in the grumps with that in hand. 

This post is the first in a series I'm working on with Balloontime.com. I'm really looking forward to the fun photos we can create with them over the year!

In case you are wondering my outfit is all from Boden apart from my shoes which I got here.

in association with Balloon Time  


What Mama Wore - Breastfeeding friendly pinafore dress

Ok so this is just a little post I whipped up with iPhone pics and the outfit I wore for our trip to a retail park, ha! I know it's not anything particularly special or out there but sometimes the posts I get most inspiration from on the blogs I love are just their simple everyday style pics.

I'm afraid both the top and the dungaree dress are both from last year (Fever London and Yumi) so you can't shop them but I've recently been on a mission to find the perfect dungaree dress..  I can tell you that the ones from New Look are pretty tiny and will barely cover your bum if you are my height (5,8). The only ones I've been able to find that fit from current seasons are TopShop Tall, that being said they still come up pretty short (whats with that, I mean I'm a pretty average height really?). I picked up two and they are OK but I do find myself pulling them down a little, oh and I can't wear them with the sling or they just ride up.

My shoes are from the Cath Kidston & Gola collection which I wore throughout my whole pregnancy (so comfy!).

If you have any dungaree dress recommendations shoot them my way! 


A rainy day outfit

boden by me cashmere sweatshirt rainy day skirt

Coat / Jumper / Bag / Skirt / Boots

boden sienna coat pink

With Wilf in childcare on Fridays, Tom and I have started a little tradition of going for lunch together. I can't tell you how much easier a lunch date with a seven week old is compared to a four year old. To be honest Wilf is pretty good in cafe situations because me and him used to pop in almost daily but it does involve lots of toy animals/cars/books and never finishing a sentence!

I kinda love cafes with a newborn because people just can't resist popping over to your table to take a peek and coo at your baby. I don't really tire of agreeing with how cute she is ;) The other day we were having brunch and a family were sitting next to us, the mother kept sneaking glances at the baby and getting doe eyed, she turned to her toddler and said 'would you like a sibling?' the dad looked a bit shocked, ha!

I discovered this cute skirt in an Etsy Shop the other day via She and Hem's 'Double Thumbs Dresses' post. Then I realised that actually Tom had bought me a skirt from her a couple of years ago when he proposed to me but actually I couldn't fit into it at the time as I was still carrying a bit of 'just finishing breastfeeding but still eating all the cake weight' and after that I got pregnant so I've still not been able to quite close the zip since but..one day! In the meantime I bought this print in the size up because I think it's always best to buy bigger and take in later if needs be.

As it had been pouring with rain all morning it seemed really apt that it had arrived that morning and went so well with my yellow wellies! I'd also not been able to try out my new coat whilst I was pregnant so this was it's first outing too. I am a sucker for pink!

rainy day skirt theres only one amy laws
rainy day skirt theres only one amy laws

After posting these pics my friend Charlotte over The Tea Drinking English Rose (who just had a cute little baby too!) told me that M&S were stocking cute little raincloud baby bits so I picked up this sunshine print top and this cotton rainclouds dress. There were some more weather themed bits I resisted (I'm not sure how) if you fancy a look. I also made a fun little list of some more themed bits I found in other shops, I can't wait for Mabli to be big enough for Wild Thing Dresses clothes! 

Hope you liked this look, I've been really enjoying dresses for a non-pregnant me lately even if my body is much changed and my options a bit limited to 'nursing friendly'. These are my favourite posts to do so I loved seeing your response to my pic on IG


Last days of the sales

I thought I'd pop up a little post with some sale bits I've been loving lately whilst we are still in January! The T-Shirt in the photo above is from People Tree and they currently have a huge sale going on with an extra 10% off sale items with code TLQSALE10. My favourite sale bits have been this shirt dress and this wrap dress, perfect for breastfeeding in too.

I love these PJ bottoms from Joules and these floral canvas pumps too!

These pastel T-bar flats from Boden are reduced right down (I'd buy a size up as I find their shoes come in a little small).

Cath Kidston still have 50% off and their homeware is so cute! Their new season stock is live now too and I am in LOVE with these bags.

This Crepe shift dress from La Redoute is now only £19.50 if only I could nurse in it I'd be snapping it up.

I'll be back with my new season wish list soon but thought I'd share some bargains before the sales end!

*affiliate links 

Our Co-Sleeping set up

Firstly, apologies for the graininess of these pictures, anyone else find this winter light SO hard to take photos in? I'm sure there must be a good time of the day to do them but I've not quite worked it out yet.

I wanted to share with you our bedroom set up as sleep is such an important subject when it comes to motherhood. If you are a long time reader of my blog you will know I co-slept with Wilf from the very start and we had a co-sleeper that Tom actually built (you can see that post here). At the time we had a double bed and then the co-sleeper attachment that was the same size as a cot. After a while we upgraded to a king size bed as Wilf ended up with us so much and recently a super king (you can see the bed we chose here). Our upgrade to a super king was such a good decision btw!

Because of our larger bed there was no way we could fit in our old cot so when Snuzpod offered us one of their co-sleepers to try out we jumped at the chance.

I'd heard quite a bit about the Snuzpod from friends and the thing that initially drew me to them was their competitive price. The other co-sleepers we had been looking at were all around £300 or not a very nice design. I loved that the Snuzpod had a simple stylish design and also comes in at around £169 which I think is really good value.

With Wilf as a newborn and now Mabli I've always wondered how people have the strength to physically get up and out a bed to feed their babies. I love that I can pick her up from straight next to me and sleepily feed before we both fall back to sleep having not really fully woken up.

You can also zip up the side (which has a little window to see your baby) if you want to turn it into a normal cot but I don't think we'll use it like this. As well as the cot/co-sleeper function it can also be used as a moses basket to carry into different rooms during the say so buying one means that you wouldn't also have to purchase a moses basket if needs be.

The Snuzpod also comes with some super cute sheet and bedding options (we have the star set) as well as a Snuzpod pocket which is really useful for keeping muslins or a water bottle to hand. I found that a really useful add on actually as we got rid of my bedside table to replace it with the co-sleeper and installed the shelf to add a clock and nightlight.

In case you are interested our night light is the Aden & Anais serenity star. I actually didn't get on with this initially as I found the noises it comes with (white noise, lullabies etc) way too loud. That being said once we'd given it a go for a couple of nights we just got used to it and find the white noise option really useful. It also has a temperature display and if it dips below 18c will turn blue to signify the room is too cold.

The light box is from Molly Meg and the little animals are Lapin and Me from Rowdy Roddy Vintage.

we received a Snuzpod for this review but all thoughts are my own


Faux Flower Market with HomeSense

HomeSense Faux flowers

I have a thing with flowers, I love them but I also sort of hate being given them. I know that they will wilt and die within days and it sort of bums me out. In fact I even went for faux flowers at my wedding (although those ones were made of paper). I also wince a little inside if anyone buys me a plant, because that plant will not last long in my house..I can't even keep succulents alive!

Lucky for me faux flowers these days can do the trick just as well (in my opinion) and they have the added bonus of lasting forever. HomeSense are have just brought out their faux flower collection and I popped in store yesterday to take a look.

HomeSense Faux flowers
HomeSense Faux flowers
HomeSense Faux flowers
HomeSense Faux flowers

I decided to pick up some faux gypsophila for myself which not only will look beautiful in our home but also useful for blog photos (got to love a sprig of floral on a flat lay ;)).

I also have a £50 HomeSense voucher to give away to one of you, all you need to do is enter the rafflecopter widget below on what your favourite flower is. I can tell you you'd be able to pick up a lot of faux flowers for that amount!

in association with HomeSense
a Rafflecopter giveaway


What Mama Wore

One of the things I was so looking forward to in late pregnancy was getting back to feeling the sense of my own style again. To a certain extent you can do that in pregnancy by buying from the brands you love (but a size up) however in my experience you get to 8 months and its just leggings and maternity tops all the way.

Obviously I'm not expecting to spring back into my old shape straight away and so I'm still buying in sizes a size up but feeling less heavy and not having a massive tummy means I can fit into more. Lucky for me I seem to have babies in December and then be able to take full advantage of the January sales when buying my postpartum breastfeeding friendly wardrobe.

This dress is from the shop The White Pepper who currently have half off on some items and an extra further 10% with code TWPSALE10. I would mention though that their sizes often come up small so if you're a ten I'd go for a M (10/12) rather than a S which is more like a 8/10. They also do exchange rather than refund but they do have loads of things on the site to swap for.  I picked up this dress & then later this one too.

My handbag is the perfect fresh shade of yellow to banish any January blues and my coat is a vintage charity shop find.

And thats what I wore :) (thanks for bearing with me on sporadic posts!) 



Eeek! I've wanted to join in with this project ( set up by the lovely Lucy incase you didn't know ) for so long. Ever since I started yearning for another child about two years ago I started imagining seeing my children together.

So far Wilf has taken to his role as big brother very well, every morning and evening he kisses & cuddles his sister good night and good morning and I often wake to him leaning over us stroking her hair. He whispers ' you are so lovely' to her and when she cries he says 'it's because she misses me' ha!

He even wants to get involved with changing her nappy, ceremonially passing me cotton wool and clean vests and he especially loves finding her a dummy to settle her. Obviously I only have experience of a four year age gap but I find myself wondering how I would have coped with a smaller gap. I'm grateful that Wilf is able to play by himself, use the toilet and lets be honest have the attention span for watching a film in the afternoons (essential at the moment!). I also appreciate that I have Tom home too which is definitely a great help!

I can't wait to see how their relationship develops & look forward to photographing them each month. Don't forget to check out the linky & join in if you fancy it! 


January Sale Wish List with Pisamonas

Over the past few months we've been working with Spanish brand Pisamonas (you can see these posts here, and here). In this post I'm picking out my favourites from the January sales but can also shop our previous picks which are currently reduced too!

We really love their unique styles for kiddos and mamas and their reasonable prices, plus they offer free shipping, exchanges & returns even though they are not UK based. What I particulary like about them is they stock shoes for all seasons all year round. So if in the current winter months you are going on holiday (I wish we were!) and looking for sandals you can find out of season footwear, and vice versa with winter boots. The prices were really reasonable already but there is now 15% off until the 20th of January making the designs a real bargain.

Here's what I'm loving this month.

1, Suede and Canvas Summer Plimsolls - £25.45 - I love the retro seventies vibe to these plimsolls and think they would be really easy to style with so many different outfits, from dresses to just simple jeans and a T-shirt!

2, Boys Faux Suede T-Bar Shoes - £11.85 - Something I really appreciate about the Pisamonas brand is their unisex designs for most of their shoes. These could be worn by either a boy or a girl and I think would look great with leggings.

3, Polka Dot Canvas baby Mary Janes - £15.25 - Baby shoes are just the cutest anyway aren't they? Something about their tininess. I just love the polka dot ones, with little baby tights and bloomers, ah!

4, Kids Suede boots with coloured laces and stitches - £21.20 - I love the colour range with these cute kids suede boots, especially the sand and blue laces!

They also have a great range of school shoes if you are looking for more winter appropriate styles (did you hear its about to snow? I need to dig my boots out!) like the wells Wilf & I are wearing. As well as accessories such as socks, gloves, hats and more. Wilf has worn his school boots to nursery every day since we got them as he loves being able to do the velcro.

What do you think of the Pisamonas sale? Have you picked up any bargains for your littles ones lately?

in association with Pisamonas


Five handy home hacks to keep out the cold

Whilst we have been enjoying one of the warmest winters in recent years the weather is about to take a turn for the chillier with super cold weather due just round the corner and even predictions of snow! (I hope so, even if just for a couple of days so I can finally put the baby in her penguin snow suit). 

Lots of us will be looking for ways to keep our homes warmer without turning the heating up high as we try to keep energy usage and bills down, not just for the sake of the planet but also our pockets after Christmas. Tom's suggestion is generally to put on an extra jumper but with a newborn around thankfully he's not been able to be so frugal with our heating this past month or so. 

Whether or not the cold polar weather does or doesn’t come about it is still worth making sure your home is prepared for the cold weather ahead and ready to keep you warm through the rest of the winter. As well as digging out as yet unused this winter jumpers and gloves it you should also be doing the usual rounds of checking your home heating is properly working, it’s also worthwhile keeping in mind these five handy home hacks to keep the cold out, the warmth in and your energy bills down.

This is a collaborative post with Russell Bowes who has some some great tips to keep the cold out this winter without spending too much money at the same time. 

Click below to read on


Life lately and some of my favourite baby bits

Hey friends!

I hope you forgive me sporadic posting, somehow days fly by and suddenly a week has passed already. It's an amazing ability of a newborn to totally shake up your routine and consume your entire day. I'm not complaining though, we really are drinking up these first magical weeks.

I wanted to drop in quickly to say that we've been blown away by the kindness of readers & companies big and small on the news of our littlest arrival. From bouquets of the beautifulest blooms to thoughtful gestures of sweetest baby blankets and rompers. Whilst Mabli is still in little newborn clothes she can't yet fit in these lovely items but I'll be sure to share over on my IG as soon as she is, I guess this is just a little collective shout out to say thanks to everyone that's sent their love, and of course to you guys for your lovely comments, it really really makes my day!

I have to admit I am indulging in being able to wrap my baby up in florals and pastels this time round. I'm also looking forward to the time when she will be old enough to fit into the sweet little dresses (clearly, boys can also wear florals and pastels and whatever they like but you know what I mean!). As a longtime fan of Cath Kidston I did do a little squeal when this package arrived and also so thoughtful of them to send something for Wilf too!

You can shop these items here, they currently have 50% off too. I'm really tempted by this rucksack style change bag which would be brilliant when wearing the sling.

Some other bits I've been enjoying lately are:

1, Sleepyhead Deluxe - I bought this on a whim with some John Lewis vouchers I had as I'd heard really good reviews from a few people. We've actually used it on the floor of our living room mostly with the IKEA baby gym over it for her to look at (I know she can't see all that much yet but she does focus on the black and white ones). I've used it a bit in bed but mostly I end up falling asleep feeding her in my arms like with Wilf so although she starts off in there I'm quite rubbish at putting her back in. I do think its a great product for those who are co-sleeping though as it gives you that extra reassurance about them being safe and secure in one place and I think she likes how its snuggles around her and feels like she is being cradled. I'll keep you updated if it helps with sleep but at four weeks I think it's pretty rare for babies to sleep for great lengths of time at this point!

2, Wool Nest from moKee - We've used this as our moses basket this time round as I loved the aesthetics and also the ethos of the company. It came in pretty much the same or cheaper as the moses baskets we'd seen and fits with the style of our home so much better. I'd show you a proper picture of ours in situ soon but we went for the design above (although I love the yellow one too). They also make some pretty cute tipis for older kids!

3, Nuna Leaf rocker - Another John Lewis purchase and mainly bought for aesthetic reasons as I didn't like the bright colours and illustrations on most rockers! I did read some good reviews about it though and I like that the design is shaped to mimic being cradled and rocked as they would in your arms.

We've also been using the Snuzpod co-sleeper which I'll do a proper post about shortly and the Ergo sling to carry the baby as well as our new pram. I'm thinking of getting a stretchy wrap too though if you have any suggestions and recomendations of products that you couldn't live without during those newborn days!

I can't believe our last little baby is already a month old! 


the shop is closing

Hey friends! If you follow me on social media you may be aware that the shop is shutting. I made the decision some months ago to close down my online store when the baby arrived and I thought I'd write a little about why that is.

With two kiddos at home now plus two businesses (the blog and the shop) I knew I would find the challenge of splitting myself between all four a little too much. When Wilf was born I took a maternity leave of a year but I also knew I wouldn't be returning to my old job. I wasn't working at all and money was really tight but Tom and I both felt like me staying at home with Wilf was the best option for us. By the time Wilf was 18 months I had started earning a little from my blog, a bit of freelance blogger outreach and also starting to think about entering the retail business (something that was set up when he turned two). As such he started nursery for two days a week at this age in order for me to focus on this, we were lucky in a way that whilst I was starting out our joint income was low enough that child care was massively subsidised for us. Otherwise I'm not sure I would have been able to make the leap to working for myself and paying for two full days in childcare.

Two years on and with Mabli's arrival I know I want to be able to give her as much of a similar start with me at home as I did with Wilf. Running a shop takes up a massive amount of time, as well as physical space (we basically don't have a living room, just a stock room!). This time round I've actually decided to take the minimum amount of maternity leave as I'm able (two weeks) in order to continue to run this blog and also so Tom can take the rest of my maternity leave. This means that Tom can entertain Wilf or watch the baby if I need to work for a few hours a day and it also means the other hours of the day we can spend as a family and enjoying our newborn & four year old. After five months Tom will then return to his job and a couple of months after that Wilf will start school (!).

I'll probably write a bit more about our decision for Tom to take my maternity leave at some point as I know it's quite an unusual thing to do (and something that's only been possible since April so we just happened to have a baby at the right time!). It's something we're massively excited about though and will mean so much for Tom and Wilf to have some one on one time before school starts.

I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who's supported my shop in the past two years and hope you understand my decision. I'll still be blogging here lots (can't keep me away from blogging!) so nothing will change in that department. Thanks as always for reading!

p.s pretty much everything in the shop is now at cost price so grab a bargain if you like! 


Breastfeeding friendly sales wish list

Happy new year!!

I've mainly been stuck under a baby, which I have to admit has been very lovely and chilled. In some of these moments I've also been sale shopping so I thought I'd share some my latest purchases which are all breastfeeding friendly too. 

Did you pick up any bargains in the sales? p.s the closing down sale is currently on over on my shop too if you fancy a bargain!

1, Printed pleated dress - La Redoute - Loving the feel of this seventies inspired shirt dress & perfect for breastfeeding in.
2, Anthropologie skirt - so many lovely skirts in their sale right now, I may have stocked up on three..
3, THAT M&S skirt, now half price

1, People Tree sausage dog T (p.s get 15% off full priced items with TLQ15
2, Wow jewelled top by Boden  (also love this one)
3, La Redoute (again, I've been loving some of their pieces lately!) - mustard cardigan

*affiliate links

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