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boden by me cashmere sweatshirt rainy day skirt

Coat / Jumper / Bag / Skirt / Boots

boden sienna coat pink

With Wilf in childcare on Fridays, Tom and I have started a little tradition of going for lunch together. I can't tell you how much easier a lunch date with a seven week old is compared to a four year old. To be honest Wilf is pretty good in cafe situations because me and him used to pop in almost daily but it does involve lots of toy animals/cars/books and never finishing a sentence!

I kinda love cafes with a newborn because people just can't resist popping over to your table to take a peek and coo at your baby. I don't really tire of agreeing with how cute she is ;) The other day we were having brunch and a family were sitting next to us, the mother kept sneaking glances at the baby and getting doe eyed, she turned to her toddler and said 'would you like a sibling?' the dad looked a bit shocked, ha!

I discovered this cute skirt in an Etsy Shop the other day via She and Hem's 'Double Thumbs Dresses' post. Then I realised that actually Tom had bought me a skirt from her a couple of years ago when he proposed to me but actually I couldn't fit into it at the time as I was still carrying a bit of 'just finishing breastfeeding but still eating all the cake weight' and after that I got pregnant so I've still not been able to quite close the zip since but..one day! In the meantime I bought this print in the size up because I think it's always best to buy bigger and take in later if needs be.

As it had been pouring with rain all morning it seemed really apt that it had arrived that morning and went so well with my yellow wellies! I'd also not been able to try out my new coat whilst I was pregnant so this was it's first outing too. I am a sucker for pink!

rainy day skirt theres only one amy laws
rainy day skirt theres only one amy laws

After posting these pics my friend Charlotte over The Tea Drinking English Rose (who just had a cute little baby too!) told me that M&S were stocking cute little raincloud baby bits so I picked up this sunshine print top and this cotton rainclouds dress. There were some more weather themed bits I resisted (I'm not sure how) if you fancy a look. I also made a fun little list of some more themed bits I found in other shops, I can't wait for Mabli to be big enough for Wild Thing Dresses clothes! 

Hope you liked this look, I've been really enjoying dresses for a non-pregnant me lately even if my body is much changed and my options a bit limited to 'nursing friendly'. These are my favourite posts to do so I loved seeing your response to my pic on IG

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