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My little penguin and her papa!

The past week so has felt quite full on, we travelled to Reading and then London later in the week for a couple of blogging events that I'll share soon. They were both really fun and gentle paced and it felt nice to both catch up with blogger pals, meet new ones and spending a little time working on new projects. At the same time it did take it out of me a little so was nice to have a day after each to do very little as well. I'm learning about balance and for the most part I think I have a pretty good one, and then 5% of the time I feel like I don't, but who does really? I feel lucky to be able to have a job that involves my family and means I can spend my time with them, that encourages my creativeness and provides me with friendships that I value so much.

Just don't get me started on my inbox..that will never be clear i'm sure!

The weekend saw me waving goodbye to Tom and Wilf as they visited family and left myself and Mabli together for some girl time. Again at time I felt like I had it pretty sorted even if I didn't get out my pi's and could only drink cold tea. Then the night was spent with no sleep, the boiler broke (no heating or hot water) and for a little time the internet went down (I know!). Again I felt thankful for friends who dropped round to fill my days and drive round with a heater in their PJ's!

At ten weeks on I feel quite recovered from Mabli's birth and at peace with our new pace of life. I don't resent the lack of sleep as I did the first time round, learning to go with it and know that it will change and we will get there one day, slowly slowly. I will wonder where my baby girl has gone and she will be a toddler before I know it and then a pre-schooler and then *gulp* at school already. I know these past four years have flown by and I'm more and more aware of the countdown to Wilf starting school. For most part I feel content with that, then another part..can't think about it right now *sob sob*.

 We are starting to think about travel and when would be a good age to take the baby. I think we are going to try the UK first in a month or so which will be so nice and a good one to test the waters. Mabli is a very content little thing and everyone we meet comments on how calm she is, and so smiley too. Hopefully she will enjoy travel as much as her brother and Tom and I.

That's all for now I think! If you have any tips on when you think is best to travel with a baby I'd love to hear them!

p.s Mabli's penguin suit from here, I actually bought it full price when I was pregnant but now it's only £8.99!

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