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The other day the sun started shinning for what felt like the first time in SO long and we really felt like Spring was in the air and in our steps (is that corny? Sorry!). We decided to head to the other side of our city for a change and grab some brunch.

Unfortunately it was a bit of mixed day as Tom was still really ill from a recent bought of asthma and the side effects of a lot of that medication really crept up on him. Thankfully he's feeling much better now!

I can't believe my littlest one is 12 weeks old already! I have to admit I am really enjoying dressing a little girlie, especially as Wilf is now getting more of an idea of what he wants to wear. Dressing my children is one of my favourite parts of this motherhood job ;)

Oh her cheeks, I want to never forget how utterly sqishable & kissable they are, slow down time!

Motherhood second time round for me has been much less of a shock & I feel so much more at ease and chilled out. It makes me feel sad that I didn't give Wilf the same start, I was in really quite a bad way with the baby blues & I wish I'd been able to stare & his newborn face with the same instant love. I hope I've made it up to him since, my wonderful little boy, who changed my life for the better.

We've been chatting a lot about the transition to school (later this year!) and so far he's been nothing but excited to be a big school boy. I so hope it is a smooth one, although I think I will be much more effected than him, as long as I save the tears for when he can't see them!

I'm noticing more & more of Tom when I study Wilf's face but also recognising me too. I don't think I'll ever get over the fact we've created two amazing little people.

Someone mentioned to me the other day that they had been following this blog of mine for almost six years and seen my family grow. I was a bit blown away that they had stuck with me for that long, ha! It also reminded me that I'm not just typing away to cyberspace, thanks for tolerating the cheesiness!

On that note I've spent the last two months trying to recap 2015..I'm still not quite there yet but if you fancy it you can see 2014 here and here.

p.s if you fancy seeing a post I did for George back in November when I was 9 months pregnant and fitting myself into a den then click here ;)

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