Ladyland X Tigerlilly Quinn - Cut out valentine's day cards

I have a little guest DIY for you guys today from the lovely Emma over at Ladyland. I recently discovered the Ladyland site & IG and instantly connected what this bunch of creative women were doing, so when Emma asked if I'd like to collaborate I loved the idea. In fact that is the theme of this cute DIY they have made for you, love! As it's almost valentines we thought it would be a fun craft to create for your valentine. 

Don't forget to check out their site, I particularly like this post and this post! Thanks Emma!


I also got to use my favourite material for this DIY, neon card! I have been hoarding some for ages waiting for the right moment. And here we are! If you can’t use neon pink card on Valentines Day, what is it even for?  You could also use plain white for a cool minimal look. It would also look great in a little box frame to keep up forever. 

t’s a little bit fiddly at first but worth the brain strain of measuring everything up.

You will need:

(image 6)
Card that is coloured on one side - I used neon card from the art shop
A pencil
A ruler
A craft knife
A cutting mat (or thick cardboard that you can cut on)
A glue stick or adhesive strip


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The LOVE card…
  • First cut one folded card plus an extra piece which is slightly smaller than the front of the card. This will become the inside left panel. My card was 12cm x 15cm, the smaller card was 11cm x 14cm (image 7)
  • Fold your card so the coloured side is on the inside. 
  • Measure up a square on the inside – mine was 9cm squared

  • Measure up a grid to form four squares – mine were 4cm squared plus a 1cm gap. (image 8)
  • Each letter is made up of one square, when you sketch them out they will be back to front on the inside of the card. You cut half of the letter out and fold it back to make the whole letter form. Follow the design below. The solid lines are for cutting, the dotted lines are for folding. 

  • Cut carefully with the craft knife around the parts that need to pop out
  • Fold them back to the colour comes through to the front and rub of any pencil visible marks with a rubber. 

You could leave it like this so you can see through into the inside of the card, but if you’re anything like me, the back will look a bit messy so you can cover it with that extra, slightly smaller piece of card. 
  • Glue around all of the edges. (image 11)
  • Stick the extra piece of card on the inside with the coloured side facing out the holes. This will make the colour really pop and the letters really legible. 

The XOXO card…
This is a slightly more detailed version of the first card. I made a bigger size card (14cm squared) and divided it into a grid of nine squares

The main square was 11cm on each side, the smaller squares were 3cm with two 1cm gaps between them.  (image 13 or 14)

The rest of the process is the same, cutting XOX instead of the letter shapes

Happy Valentines Day lovers! Thanks Fritha! xoxo

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