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I hope you forgive this jumbly bumbly type of post. I have so many pictures I've taken over on my Instagram page that I've forgotten to upload here that I thought I would plonk them all in this one and do a sort of brain spill.

So whats new? Mabli is now two months old (how?!) and we are firmly settling into our new family dynamic, wondering how she was ever not here and enjoying all things newborn and lovely. The baby sleeps a lot better than Wilf did (he woke every 45 minutes for 18m!) and will sleep a good two or three hour stretch during the night waking to feed then dropping back off. I'm also massively fortunate in that Tom is still off and I often get to lie in until 8.30am. I've mentioned before but the experience of having a baby second time round is (in my experience so far) a lot more relaxed, we are more chilled, we kind of remember what we're doing and if we don't we don't stress about 'the right thing' we just do it our way.

A couple of nights we had a bout of screaming (for two hours straight!) which was pretty fraught, I think it may have been wind (but then again who knows!) and I have to admit to snapping and shouting. It's something I need to work on because although I think we are allowed to have those moments I also need to remember that Tom is on my side and not the enemy when I'm tired and worried. In the end we had to pop her in the bath at midnight to calm her down, something I'm reminded my parents did with me when I was midst tantrum a couple of times because I would get overheated and the water would be the only thing to calm me..like mother like daughter I guess!

I've thrown myself back into work over the past couple of weeks but I'm also learning to say no to things and not get too overwhelmed with my schedule, especially as it's still such early days on having a new baby. One thing I'm quite excited about it being asked to speak at a Marie Claire event in April. I even get a little feature in the magazine which is a massive honour! I go through feeling very nervous about the idea to looking forward to it. Tom will be coming with me and the baby for help and moral support so that definitely will help.

On a wet and windy day last weekend I took this quick snap of Wilf and posted it to IG. I was so surprised and thrilled when a lovely reader drew this picture of it and sent it to us! You can see more of her work here if you like. Thanks again Lauren!

This week is actually set to be quite a busy one with a couple of work events and family visiting. I had to prep for a shoot tomorrow where I'm doing some easter crafting, so a couple of evenings back saw Tom painting egg boxes for because the baby wouldn't let me put her down, so thankful for that guy!

What else? Oh! we finally bought a coffee machine and it's changed our lives ;) after a bunch of research at 3am in the morning I went with this one. The only problem is we are now on about 3 or 4 cups a day, might have to get some decaf beans to mix it up a little! 

Wilf has suddenly become massively into superhero's and we're playing a lot of batman and 'pink power girl' (I've been named by Wilf btw). His imagination has come on a lot and he's been describing bath monsters and stink monsters and all sort of situations in which we need to defeat them. He's quite keen to include Mabli so I bought her a little Batman onesie which he thought was hilarious, it's the little things right? He's also taken to 'reading' her books which is just about the sweetest thing e.v.e.r. I'm sure there will be many many moments where they are at each others necks but at the moment the love he has for her is giving me all the heart eyes, equally she beams at him whenever he is near so I love to imagine they will be thick as thieves!

I think that's it for now! Thanks so much for reading and for all your lovely comments and messages. I really do love this online community and am reminded so with the having a new baby just how supportive you all are xx 

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