Me and Mine - February

So this month marks almost three months of parenting two children, and being a family of four. I cannot believe these twelve weeks have gone so fast and I'm again so thankful I now have three pictures of our family all together! Despite taking lots of photos in our everyday life it really does take some organising to make sure we stop and remember to include us all and without this prompt I doubt we'd even have one yet.

It's amazing how Mabli is starting to look less like a newborn and more of an older baby, which I guess she is now, I just can't believe it's gone so fast already! Wilf is looking more and more grown up, sometimes I'll catch a glimpse of him and I can almost see the man he's going to grow up to be..it's scary and amazing all at once.

They call the three months after having a baby the 'fourth trimester' and I'm really feeling that that I've reached the end of that now. I'm starting to feel like I've moved out of a slight fog and our everyday feels a lot more normal than it did last month.

(I LOVE Wilf's face in this snap haha) 

We've started to plan our adventures for the rest of the year and are so thrilled to have found out we are Mark Warner ambassadors this year. We actually tried to take Mabli's passport photos the other day which was a total disaster, it's hard to take pictures of a ten week old in a Photo Booth I can tell you!

I feel like the year is going so quickly already that sometimes I'll catch myself watching our littlest one smile and coo and think 'I'm going to miss this so much!'. Because this is our last child I feel like I want to freeze time whilst still being excited about watching them both grow. I guess that's just motherhood for you though isn't it!

We took these pictures in our garden between the daffodils. We hardly went in our garden last year because we knew we wanted to get it done over and sort of left it to get pretty bad and never got round to finishing it up. Now that Spring is pretty much here it's on the top of our list to do, I can't wait to see both our kiddos enjoying spending time out there this year.

One of these months I hope to actually have Mabli looking at the camera, ha!

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p.s just incase you were wondering (my top and skirt are from Boden, hat from Joules, Wilf's bat top is from H&M and Mabli's dress is Cath Kidston and bonnet Petit Bonny)

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