Reminiscing on pregnancy and talking symptoms

It already feels like a lifetime ago that I was pregnant, rather than the ten weeks it's actually been. After Wilf was born I missed my bump, this time I feel very content not to be pregnant anymore! I found the pregnancy much tougher, my body I guess was older and so it took it out of me a lot more. 

With both pregnancies I suffered from debilitating sickness but once that had finished (around 17 weeks) with Wilf I felt fantastic. My hair shone and my skin felt wonderful, I had tons of energy and generally felt very 'glowey'. With Mabli that never really arrived, I felt very tired and drained, had headaches and pelvic pain and just very heavy. I'm thankful however that I didn't notice a difference in things like my teeth or eyes (a friend lost two teeth with each of her pregnancies!). 

I didn't actually realise how much your eyes can change during pregnancy. I do actually wear reading glasses (and should wear them more for sure) as my eyes can feel quite tired and strained when using my laptop for long amounts of time but I didn't notice them worsening at all as far as I can tell. Apparently in a study taken by Vision Direct (which you can find here if you fancy a read) 26% of women had to change their eye prescription and 19% suffered from dry eyes. There's also a handy tool where you can check eye symptoms against any issues they might be causing and how serious that might be, make sure to report any double vision for sure!

It's sometimes odd to think I won't have any more pregnancies, on one hand I'm glad. I don't think my body could go through it again and I'm so very thankful for my two healthy children. On the other hand I don't think I can ever get over what an amazing experience it is to carry another life. Women are amazing, I have so much respect for every mother out there for the incredible job they do in creating and sustaining it!

Did you have any issues with your eyes in pregnancy? Any other odd symptoms or did you have a symptom free pregnancy?

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