Me and Mine March

I'll just skip the bit where I yack on about how the month have flown despite the fact it shocks me every time I sit down to right these posts!

This month has been a bit of a toughie, The baby turned three months and with that I thought we were sort of out of the hardest parts of babyhood and moving into the normality of having two children. Not that the first three months were particularly hard in comparison with how tricky I found that time with Wilf, but they certainly take some getting used to do regardless of if it's your first or your fourth child I'm sure! 

I've spent the past few weeks really enjoying making weekly videos, I've found them a quicker and easier way of sharing our life in a way and I've been surprised at how open I've let myself be to camera. I did consider not publishing this video of a particular tricky day but I was so overwhelmed by the lovely response I got from it that it's made me feel so thankful for this community yet again. Where would I be without the support of other mums, its amazing how generous people can be even people you're likely to never meet! I'm constantly surprised and thankful for that. 

I've found this month particularly hard when navigating giving and being patient with both my children AND keeping on top of work commitments. I have to admit that on a couple of occasions I have been a shouty and irritable mummy which I feel awful for. I've vowed to keep in mind that family must always come first and all else can wait if needs be. 

We took these silly pictures in a Photo Booth in our shopping centre, I think they might be my favourite yet. They really represent my goofy silly family and what matters more to me, smiles on our  faces (even the fact that Mabli has fallen out of one of them haha!) and a memories to look back and laugh about. It's proof again that making sure we take a picture of us all at least once a month can be as simple as putting a couple of quid into a Photo Booth and sticking the strip on your fridge.

Don't forget to join in with my other Me and Mine hosts this month Lucy, Katie, Lucy, Jenny and Alex! Can't wait to see your pics 


Our Easter Break

Our Easter break was a bit of a funny one, Tom is still home on paternity leave so the long weekend wasn't too much different from our general week (a set up that I'm so thankful for to be able to continue to work). We pottered around doing a bit of Spring cleaning, a bit of seeing Granny and a bit of mooching around at home.

On Sunday we got caught in storm Katie and I have to admit my mood was pretty similar, I snapped at my lovely little boy and I felt very guilty afterwards.

Sometimes I feel like all I'm doing is messing up his perfect innocent spirt with my own faults, my imperfections and short comings. Then I remember (or am reminded) that its OK to get things wrong, that doing so and apologising is very human and almost a good thing to show our children we can get it wrong too. Sometimes I feel angry and throw tantrums to rival, actually scratch that, to BEAT my four year olds. I've always had a problem with wearing my emotions on my sleeve and I'm often impulsive and fiery because of it. It's all a learning process, I just hope I don't mess them up too much, these beautiful little perfect little people I've been lucky enough to raise.

My pinafore dress is from this beautiful maternity shop Clary and Peg who also sell fantastic nursing clothes. I am in LOVE with this piece as I always find pinafore dresses come up quite small on me and this one is just the comfiest and very flattering as well. I think this jumpsuit would also look so cute! 

Apart from our bad day Wilf enjoyed the Easter weekend enormously, he had an entire chocolate egg for breakfast. Something Tom wasn't too keen on but I felt like is perfectly OK for one day of the year. He also ate half of Tom's when we weren't looking and as a consequence wasn't allowed to watch anymore 'Mermaid Adventures', anyone else got kids obsessed with that programme?? Instead we downloaded a new Audiobook and had a nice cuddle on the sofa. If you're after a good way to kill an hour when you don't want them watching anymore screens (and I'm SO guilty of popping Wilf in front of Netflix so I can reply to an email) then I really recommend audio books, he often listens to them on his headphones too and I make him up a little nest on the floor or sofa like this.

Oh the other thing I did over Easter was join Snapchat (I know!) after writing it off as being way too old I've actually been having a lot of fun with it. I'm Tigerlilly Quinn over there too if you want to find me. I didn't actually get it at first but my friend Emily did this ace video on how to use it, her channel is brilliant if you fancy a watch of any of her other videos too!

Hope you all had a lovely weekend, what did you get up to? Are you a fan of chocolate for breakfast or do you have to have a sensible breakfast first?


My Boden Sales picks and the Easter break!

Happy Bank Holiday weekend! 

I wanted to hop on (see what I did there?) quickly to say hi and let you know about the Boden sale in case you wanted to treat yourself over the break. The below are some of my picks from the sales, most of them are items I wore in this rainy day outfit post and also this balloon inspired one too! I really really recommend the jumper, I know it's on the pricey side but I've been wearing it to death and its SO soft. It's also really easy to wash (and this comes from someone who never reads the instructions and always shrinks clothes!).

Cashmere jumper / Sienna Coat in pink / Keira Stud ankle boot / Ella skirt / Amanda bag /  Sunglasses

I've also been wearing the boots almost everyday, they are the perfect easy boot to wear as the heel is just the right height and you can just pop your feet in without bothering with zips or buckets or whatever. Actually I pretty much live in all of the above (bar the skirt which I don't have but looks nice!).

I've ended up smashing my phone so I'm not sure if I'll be on social media much over the weekend (I'm already having Instagram withdrawals) but I'm hoping to use the time to get some Spring cleaning done.

Whatever you are up to have a great one!

Oh! If you fancy some Easter crafts why not check out these pom pom bunnies, these glitter eggs or this egg box wreath!


oh P.S if you fancied nominating me in the Fashion & Beauty section of the BIBS or the Lifestyle section of the MADS I would love you forever! (you don't have to fill out the other sections in the forms unless you want to)

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Giving your skin a Beauty Boost & Giveaway!

I've had lots of comments lately about my skin, that sounds braggy, I hope it doesn't come across that way! Truthfully though I've noticed a few people point out that my skin looks 'fresh' lately and considering I have a three months and a four year old who still comes into out bed in the middle of night I think that's some mean feat. I could say a lot of that is down to make up but apart from a bit of blusher and touché éclat I don't actually lay it on that thick, I still have NO IDEA how to contour for example.

I have however been paying more attention to my skincare routine. I changed a few things that make me feel quite grown up (like investing in nice face cloths and using a different one every day as recommended by my pal Alice). I take my make up off very carefully, using micellar water and a cleanser and I always make sure to pile on the night cream or night facial oil to soak into my skin whilst I sleep. I'm now thirty with two kids (how!?) so I'm doing all I can to try and help that.

I'm a huge fan of the company Green People, I love their ethos, the fact that they are organic and ethical but importantly their products are also incredibly effective and a real treat to use. I was sent their new product launching today the 'Beauty Boost' to see what I thought.

Beauty Boost is described as a 'radiance booster' and feels almost like a face mask, but one that you don't wash off. It feels like much more of a 'treat' than my regular skincare routine but takes no less time, in a way reminds me of how my skin feels after a facial. It contains Wakame which claims to maximise cellular energy and stimulate collagen. The Quercetin and Kaempher reduces oxidative stress and reduces inflammation and the Avocado oil contains vitamins A, C, D and E which nourish and soften the skin. You can read more about the other ingredients and how they work with your skin on the product description.  It also Paraben free and uses 91.7% organic ingredients which is really high percentage compared with most other organic products.

I tend to use it in the morning after doing my normal cleanse, tone and exfoliating routine. I keep it on all day but I try to wait about 20 mins before putting on any make up just to let it soak in properly, its a leave in treatment but you could give your face a little wipe with a dry cloth before applying your make up if you wanted. It's meant more as a pick me up type treatment but one that means you can pop it on and then get on with your day rather than hanging around waiting to wash off (and who has time for a clay mask with kids?).

I've been trailing the product for about two weeks and really love how it makes me feel like I'm treating my skin in the morning. I can't notice anything dramatic about my appearance but I do feel like it looks fresher almost and almost glowey? As someone who used to suffer a lot with spots I've been trying my best over the past few years to not use any products with things like Parabens in and I definitely say it's made a huge difference as I think my skin is pretty sensitive to ingredients like that, another reason why I like to buy from companies like Green People as I know I'll be safe with all their products.

I also have two Beauty Boosts to giveaway if you fancy trying it out for yourself. All you need to do is enter the Rafflecopter widget below and I'll announce two winners in a fortnights time!

From now until the 31st of March there is 10% off this product too if you fancy giving it a go yourself.

I was given this product to trail out but all words and thoughts are my own and I received no compensation for this post.

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disney life

Like many people Disney played a huge part in my childhood. When I was a small child the yearly Disney movie would come out just before my birthday and so it was always my birthday treat to go with my family to watch the new realise before a special birthday tea. The first Disney movie I ever remember watching was The Little Mermaid. it was for my fifth birthday and I still remember the magical feeling I felt leaving the cinema. How I would draw pictures of mermaids for months afterwards. Similarly I have such strong memories of first seeing the Lion King, how it felt like my heart was actually breaking during Mufasa's death, looking over and seeing tears in my dads eyes too.

My mum often didn't accompany us to the cinema, I have younger siblings and she was usually at home with a baby or probably glad of a couple of hours of peace but I do remember her coming to see Toy Story with us. We were all completely spell bound by it and it's a testament to the films that they are still being enjoyed by children today. Toy Story actually is Wilf's favourite Disney movie, his favourite is Toy Story 2 because thats when we meet Jessie (his favourite) and I still swear that Toy Story 3 is probably one of the greatest films ever made. I was 24 when that came out and I still went to see it in the cinema (this time with 3D glasses) and I still had to hold back sobs (the bit at the end, oh my gosh).

disney life potato head
disney life buzz light year

You can imagine then that when I heard about DisneyLife I was pretty excited. Essentially it's a subscription service much like Netflix etc but it's all about Disney. Unlike other subscription sites though it will also stream books and music alongside films and TV shows.

You can also download the content from DisneyLife to watch offline (making it perfect for long journeys when traveling and away from the internet). Currently it's only available in the UK and will cost £9.99 a month.

With the new baby this will be the perfect time for a little Disney distraction for Wilf so we will let you know how we get on with it in a few months time!

P.S I even ended up making a Disney themed Pinterest board if you fancy following along!

Follow Fritha Tigerlilly's board Disney Life on Pinterest.

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A little spending spree and some items on my wish list right now!

I thought I would put together a list of a few things i've bought lately or wished for incase it inspires any of you guys! I also wanted to share a new-to-me website called 'Lyst' which helps make shopping a bit easier (more on that further down this post). 

Funny enough I mentioned these cactus vases just the other day and they are now on sale at 40% off (as is everything on the La Redoute site right now!). Trust me to buy something full priced before it goes on sale, story of my life! I actually got mine in the medium size but I'm wondering whether to treat myself to a little one too whilst the sale lasts. We'd be wanting a mirror like the ones before to go in our hallway for a while so I'm making use of the discount on the smaller one (here). 

1, Mirror / 2, Vase

I also ended up buying a couple of bits for me and the baby at the same time because it would be rude not to on a sale right? This succulent top for me and these pineapple bits for the baby, soooo cute! 

I'm a massive fan of Dick Bruna and was so excited to see the collection at Uniqlo. They've taken the bear design from his first ever book for their ladies collection (the bear had red eyes as it stays up to read in the dark) and the detective for their menswear. I picked up these two for Tom and I (actually Tom did as a surprise, he also got me this one from the collection too. It's not arrived yet so I'm not sure how crazy the pattern will be so will update you that.)

6, The bear top 7, Detective top

I'd honestly all but given up on finding a pair of jeans that actually fit and suit me. I'm a pear shape with a long tummy and I find all them ride too low/emphasise my thighs. Hardly anywhere seems to do high waisted or ones that fit a curvier shape (IMO) anyway, I took a gamble on these high waisted ones I spotted by Monki at ASOS here. I basically only gave them a shot as I love the designs from Monki so much I thought it might be worth a go..and I'm completely in LOVE with them! So anyone one with a pair shape or hourglass shape I recommend them 100%.

I didn't actually buy this (but I want too!) it's an exclusive from Skinny Dip for ASOS. I just need to justify a need for a pink flamingo bag..

I did recently get sent this People Tree clutch though which is so perfect for someone who loves pink as much as I do. Obviously it's guilt free shopping too as People Tree are a super ethical brand - you can get 15% off their collection with TLQ15 if you fancy it!

8, High waisted Monki jeans 9, Pink Flamingo Bag 10, Colour Block Purse

Lastly, I recently became away of Lyst, a website that allows you to shop in a slightly different way. Essentially you can add brands and things you love to your 'lyst' once you create an account. It will then do helpful things like email you as soon as those items go on sale (something I usually always end up missing out of by getting there late!). You can narrow down your search by choosing price ranges that your most comfortable with. By listing more things on your 'lyst' it will taylor your style and give you more options on things you might like, making shopping all that much easier (uh oh!). Here are some pieces I've recently found on their site.

You can follow my 'Lyst's' over there if you want by searching my username 'tigerlillyquinn'. Let me know if you're on there too and I can find you over there!

this post was in association with Lyst but all words and thoughts are my own


When things get cranky

I mean I know I'm bias but these two..I mean, heart eyes for ever 

So it's been a funny old week, I'm learning to know my boundaries, that even though I've done this all before it can still be hard or different. That I need to remember I can't do it all and that's ok too. I made a little video here if you fancy a watch about a tricky day I had on Thursday. Since I did I've received SO many lovely messages (and one really horrible one but let's forget about that!). It's reminded me how much I love this online community and that not being very close to family and old friends they really are my village. That's not to say I've not get actually 'real life' friends, I'm very lucky in the support system I have in this city..it just so happens 90% of them are bloggers too, ha!

I'm realising that I need slow days as well as trying to 'do it all' and I'm really enjoying working on our home and hanging out with my family. For those who asked my cactus vase is from here, a little 3am night feed purchase to treat myself ;) Plus there's 40% of them right now!

We picked up these yellow chairs from Habitat for £10 each but I also think there is a sale on at the moment too. 

I picked up this unicorn doll from a local shop Born's closing down sale, I'm so sorry to see them close as they were a lifeline to me when Wilf was little. These Jane Foster books arrived for Mabli from the lovely lady herself, I'm such a fan of her work, do check her out if you have little ones!  

If you're interested in more of these type of peeks at our days then don't forget to follow over on IG. I'm finding it easier to update on there at the moment than here although I'll never stop blogging over here, just bear with me whilst we're in the crazy newborn days! 

Whilst I'm here I thought I'd mention a couple of blogging awards that have just opened. I'm so fortunate (and shocked!) that I won one of them in 2014 but I would be very grateful if you thought I deserved to be nominated again. I think I fit maybe the baby category or lifestyle in the MADS and maybe the fashion in the BIBS? I feel so awkward putting that there agh! Thanks in advance if you can spare a minute. Oh and if you are looking for ideas for who to nominate in any other categories then my friend Alison did a great blog post on some of her favourite blogs! 

Tom is hoping to hop onto the blog later this week on his thoughts at taking my maternity leave and having this time off with the little ones. I can't believe three months have flown by already! 


My Latest Beauty Picks

OK so I'm SO far from being a beauty blogger (I've been wearing the same style of make up for about ten years now and I've recently at 30 dared to wear lipstick..) but since having a new baby I'm become pretty obsessed with watching beauty videos. Something I can watch for a few minutes whilst feeding the baby and on my phone, my favourites at the moment are Ruth Crilly and Samantha Maria but I've also been dipping into Caroline Hirons and Lily Pebbles too. These ladies know their stuff!

I thought I'd share with you a few favourites I've picked up lately though (mainly at 2am when I'm breastfeeding and shopping on my phone ;))

Firstly this Two Faced blusher, bought ENTIRELY because I loved the packaging. I was tempted to buy it after seeing my friend Fashion for Lunch's post on pretty packaging. If you're not following her on IG you defo should as it's the prettiest feed. Anyway it turns out that as well as being very pretty (it reminds me of my first Polly Pocket) it's also a really good blush. I chose the shade 'love flush' which I think compliments my pale skin, and it really does last for pretty much the whole day.

I got this Spectrum Collections brush from my Birch Box last month and love it just because of the colour really but it is super soft too. I know those boxes can sometimes seem a bit overpriced and pointless but I've actually discovered a few new-to-me brands that I'm really loving by signing up with them, plus its a like a little present each month. This brush was £8 but if you sign up to them you can get 50 points (£5) through this link (I will too) to spend in store.

OK I've wanted a Tom Ford lipstick since I saw them on Ruth Crilly's channel (I think she could get me to buy anything!). They are crazy pricey but a real treat purchase..something I've doing a lot of lately, I blame sleep deprivation and quick fix pick me ups! I'm pretty new to wearing lipstick as I find they often dry out my lips and I also tend to bite my lips a bit so I worry about how they will last but I bought my first TF Lipstick in 'Twist of Fate' and am finding it a neutral enough colour to not look to 'full on' but also to look like I've done something a bit fun.

Continuing on the lipstick theme I picked up a H&M lip balm /lipstick on a whim and am really loving them. They are really moisturising, I got mine in a pale shade so it's basically a lip balm with a bit of tint but I'm really impressed with their whole makeup range in general actually!

Lastly! I got this Benefit blush from Tom (Wilf) for Mother's day. I'm a massive fan of Benefit basically because again their packaging is just spot on but of course the products are brilliant too. I love their 'High Beam' cream, it's been a make up staple for me for a few years now but this is the first blush I've owned of theirs. I love that its a mixed colour palette so doesn't feel like you're plonking on one colour but feels much more blended.

I think that's it! Hope you've liked this kind of post, I know it's a bit different from the usual things I write about but I wanted to share some of my latest finds with you all. Don't forget to follow over on IG for more of these kind of things if you're interested!


Simple floral Easter Wreath with Command Brand

If you remember from this post I'm really excited to be an ambassador for Command Brand this year and share with you all the fun ways their products can be used, be it for crafts or home DIY.

I've been wanting to share the first craft I made for them for a while because I think it is just SO cute and such a fun activity to do with your kids too. I chose to make an Easter floral wreath using easy materials you can find around your home and attached using the Command Brand picture hanging strips. 

So here is a super quick and easy tutorial of how you can make you own! (btw this is no way an idea I came up with on my own, there are quite a few similar type crafts I saw on Pinterest but this is how I designed mine.)

All you need are egg cartons, paint, glue, a bit of cardboard to stick your flowers onto and a Command Brand picture hanging strips.

First cut out all your egg carton sections, I think I ended up using about six cartons so it's good to stock up or ask neighbours for theirs. Once you have your plain egg cup section then using scissors cut into it in a floral shape. I chose to do a couple of different designs as seen below.

Using paints (I use ready mix paints that we already had for my son - these were from IKEA but you can get them cheaply from lots of different places, such as The Works or Asda perhaps). I also cut out some leaf shapes from the top of the egg box and painted them green.

Using a large plate as a guide cut a circle shape out of a piece of cardboard, then using a smaller plate for a guide for the middle cut out the inside and start sticking the flowers on using UHU glue (or similar).

The finished product!

I then attached the Command Brand small picture hanging strips. They can then be removed afterwards by pulling the tab at the bottom to release them without pulling at any paint and damaging the wall/door (wherever you chose to hang it!).

And this is how it looks in situ!

I hope you liked my little craft, I found it such a fun and cheery one to do with kids!

in association with Command Brand


Summer essentials for the kiddo

With Spring only a week or so away I'm starting to think of our plans for the warmer months. We have a few trips booked in for our little family that will hopefully involve some playing at the beach and splashing in the waves but I'm equally excited just to get out in the garden and play in the paddling pool as soon as it heats up!

I have to say I'm also pretty thrilled at the idea of buying Mabli her first swimsuit. I mean boys swimwear is cute (just look at this picture of Wilf in his all in one Sunuva suit, if I didn't have a baby right now I'd be broody again I swear!)

There is something about little girls one pieces though isn't there? I've picked out three of my favourites from the Melijoe site. 

Carrement Beau - one piece 
Stella McCartney swimsuit 
Ethnic one-peice 

What about this cute beach wear?! This swim hat is the cutest and only £10 and that beach towel is amazing isn't it??

I do often say that picking clothes for my kids is one of my favourites parts of my being a mum. That might sound funny for some but I know that there's only going to be a few years they let me do it so I'm totally indulging!

What do you think of my picks? Do you enjoy clothes shopping for the kiddos?
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Breastfeeding friendly outfits

Dress / Bag

I thought I'd share a couple of styles of clothing I've been getting a lot of use out lately because of their breastfeeding friendliness. The first is the wrap dress, the go-to for breastfeeding mums I think! I'm much more of a dress or tunic over leggings girl than a jeans and tee girl, mainly because I have never found a pair to fit my shape (which is a pear) I honestly find them SO hard to wear, I'm really envious of people that can just throw a pair on.

Wrap dresses were a life saver first time round although I've learnt along the way to pick out ones that have stretchy fabric otherwise all that pulling to the side will ruin its shape long term.

My favourite at the moment is this one from Boden which has been getting a load of wear from me lately. It's such a fresh spring colour and is pretty kind on the wobbly bits too as it sort of highlights your waist a bit more and detracts from the bit you'd fancy hiding ;)

Hat / Jumper / Cord Dungaree Dress / Bag 

(please ignore the eye lines, oh my gosh!)

My other staple at the moment is the dungaree dress, I got this one from Topshop (in the maroon and also the cream) in the TALL section. I have to say even then it's a bit short for me at 5,8 but just about passable I think. Any shorter and I don't think it would work, especially when bending down to play with kids! All you need to do to breastfeed is un-pop a button, I much prefer it to wearing a skirt or pair of trousers with a top as it also hides the rest of my tummy whilst I'm feeding the baby.

I'm kinda in love with this chevron jumper from ASOS as well, I can't seem to find this colour on there anymore so I've linked to a really similar one (which I bought as well ha!). The bobble hat has been worn lots lately too, largely because I've not had time to wash my hair as often as I like. I'm not sure what I'm going to do when the weather warms up!

I hope this post was useful to any breasfteeding mums out there! I popped a list of other items I thought would make life a bit easier at this stage too if you're interested!

Oh P.S I made another little video of our week over here if you fancy a watch!


Why Cloth Nappy?

bambino mio cloth nappy
bambino mio cloth nappy

I thought I'd do a little post about cloth nappies and why we choose to use them. I know to lots of people they are a bit of a mystery and often seen like harder work than they are so hopefully this might be helpful to some!

We used cloth nappies with Wilf exclusively until he was around 18 months old, I was off on maternity leave and only really entered back into the world of work (albeit from home self employed) around this time. He started nursery initially two and then three days a week around this time and so to make life a bit easier for the nursery staff we chose to introduce disposables at this point too. That being said I know lots of nurseries that wouldn't find it an issue and ours might not have minded either but it generally felt easier to leave a pack of disposables with them and continue cloth at home.

I started using them with Wilf around 8 weeks and we introduced them with Mabli at roughly the same time. Before that felt a bit early in our sleep deprived states and also because with our kids their legs are just a bit too tiny before this stage to fit them properly.

We chose to cloth nappy for a number of reasons, one it makes me feel better about my impact on the environment (all those disposables in landfills make me feel really guilty about my impact on the planet especially as they takes 550 years for one to degrade!). Secondly and probably the thing that swayed us predominately the first time round was the cost saving aspect. We use the all in ones from Bambino Mio and have about 15 nappies (so roughly £150 in total and you're done!) and that ensures we always have a few clean ones spare, although I guess it depends how often you put a wash on. I think maybe around 20 would be a better but but we put a wash on daily with the other baby bits we are doing.

It is true that cloth nappies babies need to be changed more often and that's because they don't have the chemicals that disposables have to keep them dry for longer but I'd say we change her every few hours which is fine. I have to say we always use a disposable at night because I'd rather not be getting up and changing her every few hours during that period of time! I've been told that often cloth nappies babies potty train earlier because they can feel slightly wet and it makes them realise when they've done a wee. I'm not sure this was the case with Wilf really as he potty trained just after he was two and a half but saying that he did get it within a few days so who knows it may have helped.

When you use the nappies you need to insert a liner (in the top photo) which then catches the poo and you can flush them down the toilet so it's not like you're putting a whole load of poo in your machine. We tend to have a bucket in our bathroom that we fling them in and then throw in the wash at the end of the day, we also have a tumble dryer (which helps over winter!) although I do love to see colourful nappies on the line!

I'd say we use cloth about 80% of the time but we do take disposables on journeys or if we know we're going to out all day as it's a bit easier, that being said if you take a little bag within your change bag you can just pop a soiled one in there and it's not a big deal. I pity the person who tries to steal my handbag, they'd be met with a pooey nappy! ;)

We tend to prefer the nappies with velcro rather than poppers but thats just my preference and we've never really found them to leak at all if we're using the right size. The velcro ones also have poppers going down the front (if you notice in the above picture) which adjust the size and then a velcro tab to adjust it round the waist. You can get newborn nappies but I tend to use disposables until my babies are big enough for the birth to potty sizes. I've never found them to cause a rash, quite the opposite actually as I think when a baby feels wet in a cloth nappy they will tell you straight away.

I think that's it! Do leave a comment below if you have a question that I've not covered!

We received these nappies from Bambino Mio which we love and are happy to endorse, all words and thoughts are my own


The end of the fourth trimester

miffy cards three months old

So we reached the end of the fourth trimester and our littlest is now a whole three months old.

I remember when Wilf was 8 weeks old a friend visited and as we were pushing our prams round the park (her baby was a good few months older) she said 'it's so much easier now at 8 weeks isn't it? It will feel easier again at 12 weeks'. I remember feeling my chest fall because it wasn't feeling easier, every day and week felt like I was sinking deeper but instead I nodded and told her that yes it was getting much easier.

I realise on reflection that I wasn't meant to be feeling that sad, or feeling like I was slowly drowning.  That when I imagined scenes of me quietly slipping away in my sleep being a good thing it was a sign that I was probably quite depressed. It's hit me even more so second time around how bad I must have been during those first few months as a new mum, because although yes I'm tired and at times emotional or overwhelmed I'm 99% really really enjoying these newborn months. I'm enjoying my baby and everything that comes with having a new baby around and I have to stop myself from feeling guilty that I didn't give this to Wilf straight away or give him what he deserved from the start.

Mum guilt ey?

miffy cards three months old

It's probably because of the way I am this time round, a combination of being a bit more chilled out and experienced but Mabli has so far been a very easy baby. She is almost always beaming and very rarely cries, she's not the best sleeper (probably doing a couple of hour stretches at a time) but it took Wilf 18 months to sleep that long so I feel like we're winning on that front too.

I'm sure I mention this all the time but we are definitely not having anymore children so all these firsts of Mabli's are also my lasts as a mother. Just like having Wilf in our lives I can't imagine her not being here, how did we live without her? It's so hard to imagine before your baby is born the love that you'll have for them, hard to imagine your love doubling..and in a way it doesn't really, it couldn't possibly grow bigger but it's shared (something my good friend Emma once told me and she was so right, as she often is).

There are times (like now) when the baby is sleeping and I have 30 minutes to fling up a post to update you that I can't think of a single thing to write. How can you explain or describe such intense feelings as the love you have for your children? The other day I decided that when I thought of something I wanted to remember to note it down, I only managed this once and I can't really think of a way to fit it in anywhere other than to copy it down as it came into my head.

'Holding her in my arms, weight of her head fitting the inside of my elbow and feeling her heart beat on my chest, never want to forget.'

mokee moses basket

Moses basket from here / Chair from here / Cushion from here / Cactus candle here and Pear here 

Reaching the end of these first three months definitely feels like we've sort of parted through the fog a bit. There is a part of those first few months of newborn-ness that you never want to end and yet can't wait to end all at the same time. I find myself equally sad that my baby no longer fits her first baby grows as happy that I can pass them on and be done with that stage in my life.

Working whilst having a new baby is a new one for me as I was on maternity leave when I had Wilf, although of course the pace is slower than it was I still find myself not entirely sure how to juggle it all and often feeling a bit out of my depth. I know how quickly she will be four years old and making poo jokes and playing lego and getting ready to go to school so I'm trying to make that the priority whilst still bringing in a bit of wage & doing the creative things I enjoy. I've also got another child to look after too of course so theres juggling that and all the other things that come with being a grown up but somehow I feel like we've got a pretty good thing going for now.

With Wilf I did monthly updates on all the things he had learnt during the first year of his life. I'm not going to do that this time round (sorry Mabli!) largely because I don't have the time or am organised enough but also because even me reading back on those posts found them a bit boring ;)

So hopefully snippets here and there will be OK. Thanks as always for reading xx 


Happy Mothers day!

My first as a mama of two. I'm so thankful to be their mother, overwhelmingly thankful at times if I'm honest. How did we get this lucky? And whilst at times this role is thankless and tough and tiring (oh so tiring) its the very best thing I've ever done, it's been the making of me and if I've ever done anything right in my life is bringing these two into the world.

I hope all you mothers out there take some time to realise what a brilliant job you are doing, to those who are missing their own mothers or navigating complicated relationships with them. To those who are desperate to become mothers too, for everyone to whom this day holds a meaning then be kind to yourself, you're doing amazingly.

p.s I made a little weekly vlog of our week last week, I'm not sure how interesting it is tbh but if you fancy a look then I've pasted it below. If you like it then do subscribe if you want to see more! xx


Macarons anyone?

When it comes to pick me ups I don't think there is much that will beat a good cup of english breakfast and a sweet treat. Followers of this blog will know how much I love Paris (we visit three times in a year once I'd got my first taste for it, you can see these posts here if you fancy it) and it was there I first discovered my love of macrons.

We stopped at beautiful patisseries, picking out our favourite colours, wrapped up in a small box we would carry them to a near by park to enjoy in the sunshine before letting Wilf run loose on his sugar rush.

Every time I eat a macaron now it reminds me of our first trip, Wilf was at one of my favourite ages (two and a half) and it was our first break as a family. For that reason it will always have such a strong place in my heart. It's so amazing how the smell or taste of something can you take you right back to a memory

if you can match your nail varnish to your macarons why not ey?

I'm working with Brioche Pasquier on this post who kindly supplied us with these goodies. Macarons in the post make for the best deliveries!

Since having a new baby I've been so thankful for friends taking time out to come to visit, for ignoring the mess and bringing me up to date on all our favourite topics. For holding the baby and letting me go to the bathroom by myself, playdates for Wilf and for solidarity in sharing our motherhood experience. It reminds me always how my friends are my village, how they are my family and how much I need them.

All that helps to sweeten that experience is a good cup of tea and colourful french treat!

Did you find comfort in friends when you became a mum?

in collaboration with Brioche Pasquier


The Cuisine Companion by Tefal

I've been wanting to share this post with you a while but having a certain tiny little person in our lives lately has meant I've only just got round to it! We were sent the Tefal Cuisine Companion just before Christmas and I was so excited to get to grips with it but then somehow weeks and weeks would pass with it sitting on our kitchen counter unwrapped.

So finally some two months later I had a free afternoon to have a play and I can only say I'm so annoyed with myself for not doing it earlier! Since we've finally started to make use of it we've been using it for so many things, from making pesto to hash browns (Tom told me if he'd known about the hash browns he would have got to grips with it sooner, ha!).

The pictures below are of a couple of recipes we've been doing a lot. The first a really simple ratatouille, we literally just rough chop the veg and other ingredients and throw it all in. Using the blade setting it then chops and cooks within 30 mins, enough time to zap some jacket potatoes and then crisp them in the oven. It's the perfect easy meal that we all enjoy and Wilf actually loves to sit on the side in the kitchen and make things with me. It's become quite nice to hand Tom the baby whilst we do our own thing making dinner, Wilf calls it 'the robot'.

The other recipe we've been making lots of use of is the chocolate mouse, again it's pretty much throwing all the ingredients in, choosing the right setting and letting it cook it for you before dishing into pots to chill.

Next on our list to try is the courgette muffins, it's weirdly one of Wilf's favourite vegetables and a great way to make it more fun (and seem like a sweet treat too).

One of the things I was worried about in having this particular pieces of kitchen appliance is the size it would take up in our already teeny kitchen. I'm not going to lie, it is pretty bulky as you would imagine for something that needs to have a bowl attachment. However the fact that it makes dough means we can now replace the bread maker with is as well as the steamer as this machine also allows for a steaming setting and similarly the electric whisk etc. Basically it's actually turned out to be a bit of a space saver because it's essentially a machine that can do everything all your other gadgets could do but in one!

I'll more than likely be sharing some of the recipes we have made over on my IG if you fancy a peek over there too!

we received a cuisine companion from Tefal in return for a honest review, all words and thoughts are my own
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