A spot of Spring Cleaning with Dyson

The other day I read a friends Facebook status where she stated she'd been up early in the morning, ordered a Dyson and was beyond excited for it's arrival. Amongst jokes about becoming a boring adult and finally 'adulting' I totally got it. As I've got older the idea of keeping a neat and tidy (and clean!) living space has become really really appealing to me. Anyone who knows us will know that our home is not always that way, we've got two kids, I work from home and to be honest if I'm busy then the cleaning is the first thing that falls behind. That being said I know that as a family we are happier when things are a bit tidier and we don't let the cleaning fall behind. There's something wonderful about coming downstairs to start the day to a tidy living space or going to sleep to a bed that had been made that morning.

With the arrival of Spring I've done the typical thing that most people do when the sun finally shines through the windows and we realise how much clutter and mess we have in our home. I've packed up three IKEA bags full of clothes and shoes I don't wear very often and given them to charity (anyone in Bristol head over to the Fishponds Clic Sargent if you want a piece of that!) and generally tidying and stored away the things we are not using that often.

I always get excited about gadgets (just look in our tiny kitchen and the amount of things I've collected over time to help me cook) and anything that makes life that bit simpler is always going to be a win. Since I was approached by Dyson to review their Small Ball Multi Floor Vacuum Cleaner I found myself looking at the cat hair stuck to the carpets and thinking 'you just wait fluff, wait until the powerful suction arrives to destroy you!' ..or something along those lines.

We're a big fan of the Dyson brand but never had the chance to review one of their cleaning products before (although you can see our Humidifier review here). I do have friends who swear by them and how much of a game changer they are in terms of making cleaning that bit easier. As a family who own two very fluffy cats I was interested to see if it would live up to my expectations and be able to deal with the daily fluff.

The first thing I was really impressed by is the setting to change how the machine works on hard floor of carpets without changing the head. We have wooden floors downstairs and carpet upstairs so this was a really nifty tool. It also has an inbuilt brush in the head that sort of loosens any animal hairs that might be imbedded in the carpet before hoovering them up. The suction is really strong and manages to pick up much more than our previous machine.

The thing I actually love most of all (although it also grosses me out!) is the fact you can see how much you are picking up. I feel embarrassed saying this but after vacuuming one of our upstairs rooms we actually almost filled the cylinder! It's really satisfying seeing how much you are getting and I'm positive that it's picking up way more than we used to be able to..I mean the carpet actually changed colour slightly..!

The machine also has a separate hose attachment that allows you to be able to reach high spots or under spots like sofas. It's also great for using on our wooden stairs. Another handy feature about it is it's weight, at only 5.5kg its super light and easy to carry from the top to bottom of our home.

If I'm being super picky I would say the only thing we didn't find that effective was the option to empty the cylinder in the bin using one button and not having to touch the dirt. I'm not sure if it's the sheer amount that our house picked up but we found we always have to dislodge it a bit to get it going with our hands before it would give way. That being said if I find myself vacuuming daily and emptying its not an issue, its more for a big clean that fills the cylinder up.

The last thing that I absolutely love about this machine is the ball that helps you manoeuvre it. With our old vacuum the machine was pretty stationary and would have to be picked up and moved to a different spot when cleaning but with this one it can glide in all directions really smoothly and allow you to cover all areas. It's also been commended by the Royal Collage of Chiropractors for being designed to prevent back issues whilst cleaning!

All in all I think you can probably get from this review that we are big fans. Being the Easter bank holiday weekend you can bet I'm going to be using it a lot for our Spring clean!

You can shop the full Dyson range here

We were sent the Dyson Small Ball for purposes of this review but all words and thoughts are my own

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