Simple floral Easter Wreath with Command Brand

If you remember from this post I'm really excited to be an ambassador for Command Brand this year and share with you all the fun ways their products can be used, be it for crafts or home DIY.

I've been wanting to share the first craft I made for them for a while because I think it is just SO cute and such a fun activity to do with your kids too. I chose to make an Easter floral wreath using easy materials you can find around your home and attached using the Command Brand picture hanging strips. 

So here is a super quick and easy tutorial of how you can make you own! (btw this is no way an idea I came up with on my own, there are quite a few similar type crafts I saw on Pinterest but this is how I designed mine.)

All you need are egg cartons, paint, glue, a bit of cardboard to stick your flowers onto and a Command Brand picture hanging strips.

First cut out all your egg carton sections, I think I ended up using about six cartons so it's good to stock up or ask neighbours for theirs. Once you have your plain egg cup section then using scissors cut into it in a floral shape. I chose to do a couple of different designs as seen below.

Using paints (I use ready mix paints that we already had for my son - these were from IKEA but you can get them cheaply from lots of different places, such as The Works or Asda perhaps). I also cut out some leaf shapes from the top of the egg box and painted them green.

Using a large plate as a guide cut a circle shape out of a piece of cardboard, then using a smaller plate for a guide for the middle cut out the inside and start sticking the flowers on using UHU glue (or similar).

The finished product!

I then attached the Command Brand small picture hanging strips. They can then be removed afterwards by pulling the tab at the bottom to release them without pulling at any paint and damaging the wall/door (wherever you chose to hang it!).

And this is how it looks in situ!

I hope you liked my little craft, I found it such a fun and cheery one to do with kids!

in association with Command Brand

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