When things get cranky

I mean I know I'm bias but these two..I mean, heart eyes for ever 

So it's been a funny old week, I'm learning to know my boundaries, that even though I've done this all before it can still be hard or different. That I need to remember I can't do it all and that's ok too. I made a little video here if you fancy a watch about a tricky day I had on Thursday. Since I did I've received SO many lovely messages (and one really horrible one but let's forget about that!). It's reminded me how much I love this online community and that not being very close to family and old friends they really are my village. That's not to say I've not get actually 'real life' friends, I'm very lucky in the support system I have in this city..it just so happens 90% of them are bloggers too, ha!

I'm realising that I need slow days as well as trying to 'do it all' and I'm really enjoying working on our home and hanging out with my family. For those who asked my cactus vase is from here, a little 3am night feed purchase to treat myself ;) Plus there's 40% of them right now!

We picked up these yellow chairs from Habitat for £10 each but I also think there is a sale on at the moment too. 

I picked up this unicorn doll from a local shop Born's closing down sale, I'm so sorry to see them close as they were a lifeline to me when Wilf was little. These Jane Foster books arrived for Mabli from the lovely lady herself, I'm such a fan of her work, do check her out if you have little ones!  

If you're interested in more of these type of peeks at our days then don't forget to follow over on IG. I'm finding it easier to update on there at the moment than here although I'll never stop blogging over here, just bear with me whilst we're in the crazy newborn days! 

Whilst I'm here I thought I'd mention a couple of blogging awards that have just opened. I'm so fortunate (and shocked!) that I won one of them in 2014 but I would be very grateful if you thought I deserved to be nominated again. I think I fit maybe the baby category or lifestyle in the MADS and maybe the fashion in the BIBS? I feel so awkward putting that there agh! Thanks in advance if you can spare a minute. Oh and if you are looking for ideas for who to nominate in any other categories then my friend Alison did a great blog post on some of her favourite blogs! 

Tom is hoping to hop onto the blog later this week on his thoughts at taking my maternity leave and having this time off with the little ones. I can't believe three months have flown by already! 

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