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So its safe to say that life with a three month old and a four year old is pretty tiring. Mabli wakes a handful of times through the night which is normal (and better than the every 45 minutes Wilf did as a baby) so although I'm tired I'm thankful I'm not as exhausted I was back then. That being said I didn't have another child to look after back then and I was in my mid twenties so the past four years have definitely aged me in more ways than one.

As I've got older I've become more aware of the ways I can improve my health and energy without drinking copious amounts of coffee..(ok that happens too lets face it). There are certain things that definitely help me either feel more energised and fresher or at least make me look it if I'm not quite feeling it inside!

So the first would of course be caffeine, I know it's not great to be dependant on it but I honestly don't feel like I can get out of bed without my first cup of tea. I'm lucky enough that Tom always brings it to me when I wake up as he's up before me. I swear it tastes nicer made by someone else (and drank in bed). It's probably phycological but I feel ready for the day once I've taken that five minutes for myself (usually spent flicking through Instagram!).

I'd love to say that I have time for things like daily yoga (I don't, unless you count the Cosmic Kids Yoga Youtube channel I occasionally do with Wilf) but I have to say when I did make time it always made me feel refreshed and healthier. Something about just having a good stretch I think does help you not feel so sluggish.

I've written a little before about how now at 30 I've finally discovered the benefits of taking care of your skin. I always ensure to cleanse thoroughly now (gone are the days I used to clean my face with a face wipe!) with a flannel and a quality cleanser. I've also started to use a different flannel morning and evening so that I'm not using a dirty one on my face again.

I've been giving the new BIOTEC range from ELEMIS a go for the past few weeks to see if it does make a difference in brightening up my skin. It is scientifically proven to increase cell energy using BIO ENERGY to help 're-boot' your skin and revive your complexion. The products I've been testing are the cleanser, day and night cream.

I have to say my absolute favourite from the range is the Skin Energising day cream, I always think that if there is something you should splurge on in your skincare products it should be a good moisturiser. I never used to even use moisturiser in my early twenties as I have slightly oily skin and thought (incorrectly) that it would make it more oily. I really didn't know too much about beauty products at all back than and I think its pretty much down to blog and vlogs that I'm only now educating myself on my own type of skin.

The one thing I'd say about this range is although on the slightly more expensive side than high street products it is going to last me forever I think! The above picture is after I've been using them for about two weeks. I tend to use about three drops of the cleanser to lather into my wash cloth and then two squirts of either the day or night cream.

The final thing that I would say boosts my energy is brightening up my outfit. If I'm feeling particularly tired or dull a bright statement necklace will really help to perk me up. Same goes for a touch of lipstick!

What are your energy boosters? Have you tried the ELEMIS BIOTEC range? 

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