Hell Bay Hotel and our final instalment of our Isle of Scilly adventure

In my fourth (!) and final post about our time on the Scilly Isles we island hopped from Tresco to Bryher. If you've not seen my posts on our time on Tresco then you can find 1, 2 and 3 here.

After five wonderful days in the Sea Garden Cottages we woke up to glorious sunshine and checked out of our holiday home to hop on the tiny boat for five minutes to the next island along. The day before had actually been a point in the year where the tide is out so far there was no water between the islands and a BBQ with champagne had been organised (and then cancelled because of the rain). They do hold these events a few times a year though so if you're planning a trip do check that out!

Anyway back to our adventure, we were met from the boat by one of the only cars on the island of Bryher, it even had its number plate 'Hell Bay Hotel' as cars aren't really a thing on these tiny islands which is something I absolutely love about them

We stayed at the Hell Bay Hotel in the most amazing suite (check out pictures at the bottom of this post for our view, and also this video for how close we were to the beach, practically on our doorstep). The hotel manages to be luxurious whilst still having a very family feel to it and the staff were so accommodating and friendly. Whilst the rooms are at a higher price range you soon realise that staying at Hell Bay Hotel also includes a three course meal and breakfast and that in itself was incredible. A friend who'd recently visited told me I was in for a treat with the food but we were both blown away with the quality of it, I also loved that they had three vegetarian options!

There are all sorts of deals and packages for stays there at different times of the year so it's worth looking into. It's a popular place for honeymoons I think and I can certainly see why! They actually have kids dinner at a different time to the three course adults meal, Wilf did go to 'high tea' accompanied by Tom but then both kids also came with us for our dinner a little later. There is a babysitting service you can call on but with the baby being only three months old she was way too little and Wilf wouldn't have been asleep at that time so it was just easier to bring them both. Thankfully Wilf is so used to going to cafes with me that he's really well behaved in those type of situations and with avoided any evening meltdowns. I can totally see if you have older children that go to bed a particular time it would be great to use the childcare to have a later child free dinner. Maybe in a few years time ;)

On our second day on the island we were met by a Chris Potterton who runs walks on the islands and took us on 'shipwreck walk'. Chris was such a source of information about the history of Bryher and especially about boat wrecks, the walk took about two hours which is the shortest walk available and is generally not child friendly which we didn't realise when it was arranged for us so was quite a struggle with a four year old. I think it would be brilliant if you were going with children over eight perhaps (or child free) but with a very small baby and a pre schooler we found it quite hard work. We did however get to view some brilliant scenery, learn about these beautiful landscapes and walk paths we would never have found without a guide.

I just love the freedom Wilf had on these islands, running around without a car in sight.

Every ten minutes ago I would ask to stop to take a picture, around every corner was a picture perfect setting! I've had to choose which ones I've shared in this post so carefully or we would be in the hundreds.

I didn't take a huge amount of photos of our room because I used this on the video instead if you want to see what the interiors are like

Wilf and Tom shared this room whilst I was in the king size bed with the baby!

One of our absolute favourite parts of staying at the Hell Bay Hotel was the little chicken hutches. Every morning Wilf would set off to collect his egg for breakfast, it was the stuff of story books and something that he'll never forget I think. Seeing his little face light up when he woke up, pulled his wellies on over his PJ's and grabbed Tom's sleepy hand to pull him out the door to go see the chickens!

What a little pudding this baby is!

And that was our adventure in Scilly! We absolutely fell in love with both Islands and we've said to each other a few times that it will be hard to top. It really is the most fantastic place to take children, we took our trip in April when Spring was just starting and the weather was perfect, I imagine it gets even better during the summer months.

Thank you to the island of Tresco and Hell Bay Hotel for inviting us to be your guests. As always all words and thoughts are my own

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