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As you may have seen from my Instagram we've just got back from our first family holiday abroad with the four of us! We went to the South and France and stayed at a Eurocamp site which was such a blast from the past and made me really nostalgic for my own childhood holidays. I'll write more about it soon but need to put these photos in a bit of context first ha!

As usual I spent the whole time snap happy, taking photos of Mabli's first toe dip in the sea and Wilf's excitement splashing in the pool or running excitedly around the play park. Also typically we had got to our last day of our stay when I realised 'wait! We don't have a single picture of us all here!' so I marched my family up to the sun loungers early one morning and placed my point and shoot on a fence post. OK so if I'd thought about it properly I would have actually remembered my tripod which would have made this a bit easier! 

The angle was always going to be a bit strange and I was in a mild manic about leaving Mabli on a sun lounger even for a few seconds as she's on the move these days and I had visions of her rolling off. I was also a bit hesitant to post a picture of my (very pale) post partum body but then I snapped myself out of that chain of thought and remembered that no one care, least of all my children when they get to look back on these shots. I still love these less than perfect pictures even with all the chaos behind the scenes!

Tom returns to work after taking my maternity leave in one week so this trip away marked the end of a wonderful six months together. I'll write about it in more detail but we've felt so lucky to have this experience as a family. I'm always aware in writing about it that we are really lucky that we were able to do this for a number of reasons. Actually I always sort of think that it must be the ideal situation for most people but I mentioned it to someone the other day and was met with 'OH GOD, My husband would have HATED that!' haha it did make me laugh, I suppose it's not for everyone and we have definitely been asked if we've not go sick of spending all day everyday with each other for the past half a year (we haven't but maybe it is best to quit whilst we're ahead ;)).

Six months feels like such a marker for a number of reasons, obviously there is Tom returning to work but Mabli is tummy crawling and starting eating (what!) and feels like she is no longer so new. It also marks three months before Wilf starts school so as you can imagine I'm full of all the emotions right now. Part of me is secretly excited to have these last few months with my little boy to myself though, to get back into our old routines, our cafe chats and the little things that we did just me and him. I feel like a broken record but I'm so loving the stages my kiddos are at right now that I wish I could freeze time. It's made me even more determined to make the most of the summer!

Anyway, I'm rambling, can't wait to see all your pictures this month. Don't forget to visit the other Me and Mine ladies, Lucy, Alex, Jenny, Katie and Lucy!

p.s We also did a family 'what we wore' earlier this month! 

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