Our trip to the Isle of Scilly part two (plus a video!)

Part two of our adventures in the Isle of Scilly 

You can see part one of our Tresco Scilly Isles trip here 

So after our amazing first full day on the island exploring the Abbey Gardens we headed over to the Ruin Beach cafe. I instantly fell in love with the beach cafe vibe and with views straight out onto the beach I could drink my (excellent) coffee in peace with the baby sleeping whilst the boys ran around next to the turquoise sea.

I made a little video of our trip away below if you fancy a watch! 

After a full on first full day we ordered take out stone fired pizzas from the Ruin Beach (Wilf also went to a pizza making class there, so much fun for the little ones!). They were just what we needed and it was nice to be able to eat them in our cottage and be a bit more relaxed especially with the kids getting quite tired by the early evening. Thats one of the things I really love about traveling away with kids is hiring a place thats self catering and then eating out a few times (or at lunch time) but being able to make our own food in the evening when they may be tired and prone to melt downs.

These are the views from the Ruin Beach cafe, pretty idyllic right!?

We discovered our local pool on our third day and made the most of it, there are two on the island and ours was about 3 minutes walk from our cottage and completely empty like our own private pool! We still haven't sorted swim classes for Wilf which I feel so guilty about as I was already swimming by myself at a much younger age and it was such an important part of my childhood. I think we're decided we're going to do a weeks intensive class when he's five as a few of my friends said theirs did it and got so much out of it. We'll see how we go.

Although we ate in the Flying Boat restaurant, the New Inn and the Ruin Beach the later was definitely our favourite, location, menu and price wise. I felt like they also catered really well for children whilst still being interesting. I mean just look at this kids macaroni cheese, actually really want to be eating that right now! Tom eats fish so went for the scallops, although I'm veggie I can appreciate how pretty they look at least.

I'm think I'm going to have to make this trip into at least four posts because I'm in danger of making this one so very long already! I hope you've been enjoying our journey so far and I'll have part three with you very soon! x

p.s you can see part one here!

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