Simple DIY emoji balloon craft!

OK so before I start I KNOW you can buy emoji balloons but why buy something that is just so fun to make..well that's what I told myself anyway one rainy weekend when we had a pack of yellow circular balloons and the rest of our helium Balloontime tanks in our utility room (and when I say utility room..its the space between our kitchen and downstairs toilet, ha!).

I'm working with Balloontime helium tanks as my third and final post in partnership with them, you can see posts one and posts two here and here.

When I let Wilf play with my phone the thing he loves doing the most is to make 'emoji' pictures with the notes section. When he's finished his 'story' he'll get me to 'read' it to lots of giggles! We decided to make our four favourite emoji balloons, which are 'crying laughing face, winky-sticky out tongue face, blowing kisses face and love heart eye face!' If you are anything like me these are used pretty much day in my online conversations haha!

We made these balloons with tissue paper and glue and it was a simple case of freehand drawing and sticking them on the inflated balloon. Whats fun about having a home helium balloon tank is that we can put something like this together without leaving the house. Crafts are such a great way for Wilf and I to have quality time together which is extra special since Mabli came along.

This is Wilf making the 'blowing kisses emoji' face!

Wilf surprises me everyday with how well he's taken to being a big brother, it's like he was always meant to. Whilst I know it's early days he's really shown no jealously at all. There are times when my arms are full with Mabli and I look at him and just want to throw my arms around him and cuddle him like we used to. I miss our old relationship, our days just me and him but when I see my kiddos together it's like I never knew I could feel so much love. Still it's so nice to do these sorts of activities with him that are just for and him.

Crying laughing emoji face, ha!

I hope you liked our simple emoji balloons! Also perfect for silly photos like this ;)

In association with Balloontime Helium Tanks

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