What We Wore and a new cafe

Whats this? A family portrait not at the very last day of the month? Yes! May 2016 will now hold two family portraits, doesn’t seem like much does it but somehow it’s so hard to get organised!

Anyway, if you’ve been following me on Snapchat (new latest obsession I'm tigerlillyquinn over there too) you might have seen that we are doing a bit of work on the garden and also that I tasked Tom to paint a section of our absolutely MASSIVE wall in our back garden so that, one, are garden would look a bit nicer (it had a horrible purply/brown brick before) and two, so I could take pictures against it! Ha!  

I usually take my outfit shots against a white wall in our neighbourhood, which happens to be down a alleyway in-between a mosque and a cafe, I even rest the camera on the wheely bins outside the cafe. Glamorous I know, plus we get some very funny looks at times. So hopefully having this wall will make it that bit easier to just take a quick snap of daily outfits, even if it's just for my IG account.. I'm aware this all might sound totally crazy but I'm always saying to my family..'fancy going to get coffee? Lets just take a detour pass this wall shall we?' 

So here's to the new white wall! 

Last weekend we decided after we'd dressed up so nicely to go check out a new cafe in our area. Its called Este and has a latin theme, it was a super sunny day and as the cafe had two large windows so it really heated up in there and meant it was a bit too bright to take many pics but I'll be back to show some more of the interior soon as its really lovely. I particularly like the pops of yellow!

I had the baked eggs & Tom had the mushrooms on toast & they were both delicious

When you spot the most beautiful car and just casually lean against it like firstly you can drive and secondly you'd be able to afford a car so pretty ;)

Boden gifted us these clothes for a family outfit shot, I'm not sure we're all ever going to be looking at the camera at the same time but it's a good excuse to get us all in front of it.

P.S I took the baby to go and see the A/W Boden collection last week. I only managed a few snaps for my IG account because I was carrying her so it was a bit tricky logistically but if you fancy looking at what I loved then cheek that out too. Fans of Mini Boden be excited for very very adorable hedgehog bags!

Mabli was so good on the train and at the press day and a lovely lady even said how well she thought I was doing bringing her along. It made me think of Wilf at 4 months and how much I was still struggling and realise how much easier it feels this time round. I mean don't get me wrong it's still knackering, last night she decided to be up and having a party between the hours of 3am - 5.15am and I usually spend the morning waiting for my next cup of coffee and most of the afternoon waiting for an appropriate time for a glass of wine but overall I'm just loving this baby stage and being a family of four. I know I'll look back on this time in my life and feel nostalgic so I'm trying to soak it up as much as I can and focus on the brilliant parts in-between the tiredness.

In case you were wondering :*

On Me:

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On Wilf

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On Mabli

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Boden actually have 20% at the moment and also 20% off clearance bits if you fancy shopping any of these items!

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