A Family photo session

The internet is a funny old place, I remember when Wilf was born, becoming friends with other new mums over social media like Twitter and Instagram. Chatting to them during 3am night feeds and nodding along to tweets about how tired they were or engaging with how their littles ones were crawling or eating for the first time. It was around this time I started chatting with with Nell, a blogger who lived just down the road from me in Bath.

It's been lovely following along with the lives of people who you become friends with on the internet. Especially when it comes to fellow mum who have decided to start their own businesses rather than return to their old jobs pre children, there's something very inspirational in that and I love to support women who are starting out for themselves.

I've watched Nell's photography on her blog and instagram go from strength to strength and it was always obvious she had a great eye and a great skill but when she offered to meet up with us and take our family portrait I was really blown away by just how talented she is.

When it comes to taking photos I properly take at least ten a day. We try to have at least one photo of us all a month by taking part in 'me and mine' but we've never had someone take photos for us (apart from at our wedding of course). When I broached the idea with Tom I knew he would be hesitant. Whilst he loves that fact I have captured so many pictures of us and our lives (and asked him to capture pictures with me in it too every now and again) he's not really as big a fan of being in front of the camera as me ;) Whilst I felt like I knew Nell quite well by talking to her over the years to Tom it was a stranger taking pictures of us which can be a daunting idea for some.

As soon as we met up with Nell though any worries completely slipped away as she made us feel completely comfortable imediatly I always think the best photos are the ones that are candid and often we were would be goofing around and I'd suddenly remember she was taking pictures.

Wilf's pretty used to having pictures taken so meeting up with someone who was taking our pictures seemed quite normal to him ha!

When we saw the pictures for the first time it made me realise how glad we were that we'd had this opportunity. Whilst you can always set a tripod up or take a family selfie (and theres nothing wrong with that!) there is something quite special about seeing a picture you didn't even know was being taken. A picture that captures that exact moment, I think it's a credit to Nell that these pictures capture us exactly how we are, when I look at them I see 'us' if that makes any sense!

I know there are a few of Tom and Mabli but they were just so cute I couldn't narrow the selection down any smaller!

I actually think this might be my favourite picture of me and Wilf yet!

I've been saying to Tom since I wish we could just hire Nell to walk around taking pictures of us all the time. It would save a few eye rolls when I make my 'could you just take a picture of my outfit' requests to my 'instagram husband ;)

Tom and I barely have any pictures together, it's something you don't realise and then it's been a whole year since you've had one together.

Thank you so much to Nell for taking our pictures, we will absolutely treasure them. To find out more about Nell's family portrait sessions check out her website here.

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