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Friday, 10 June 2016

Fathers Day ideas with Zazzle!

I've been a fan of Zazzle for a good while now and worked with them on a number of posts celebrating different parts of my life & holidays, from Mothers day, weddings and name changes to new babies! In fact some of my favourite ever baby pieces have been from designers on there (take a look here if you fancy seeing what I got for Mabli).

So when they got in touch asking if I'd like to pick a few fun bits out for Tom I thought it would make for a great collaboration.

Wilf has recently really gotten into drawing, whilst previous artistic endeavours from him have taken a bit of explanation (take for example one of the latex from nursery, three squiggles entitled 'a squirrel have lunch with his friends') his latest ones are really recognisable as actual 'things' ha! He drew this picture of his family which made me smile so much that I thought it would make for a nice personalised gift, 'The Mighty Quinns' is a bit of a family joke that I just couldn't resist adding!

As well as the personalised gift (which you can find here) I picked out two fun T's that would mean something for both Tom & Wilf.

The first was this 'I like to eat eat eat Apples & Bananas' T shirt, I knew as soon as we saw it I knew Tom would love it as Wilf sang this song on repeat during our whole trip to the Scilly Isles . I also love the colour and illustration. Whats great about Zazzle is you can also choose what material you want your clothes to come in so you can pick up your favourite designs on organic cotton if you want to (like these T shirts are).

The second T shirt we chose was this 'Array of Ladybirds' design from Thinx Shop on Zazzle, I love the illustrations but also because Tom ended up saving lots of ladybirds on our trip to France recently and also because Wilf used to call insects 'bimbles' when he was smaller which I will always love!

We gave Tom these presents a little early (he's really getting quite a good haul this year, his first as a father of two!).

What I love about the site is you can find really unique pieces from personalisation to designers and illustrators you might not have come across before. Definetly worth keeping in mind when looking for gifts.

What are picking up for Fathers day? Do you do gifts or maybe get your littles ones to whip up a handmade card?

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