Getting some sleep..

..thats the big issue isn't it when it comes to babies? How to make them sleep and how to manage to grab some sleep yourself. I have to admit that second time round this doesn't feel quite so brutal, I'm getting sleep, not a full nights sleep but sleep all the same.

With Wilf it felt like sleep would never arrive, he woke up every 45 minutes until he was 18 months old and at times it felt like there would never be a solution. To be honest we pretty much tried everything we were comfortable with trying and I'm not really sure we did anything constantly or long enough to actually make an effect.

I have to admit that when I was pregnant with Mabli I did worry about the lack of sleep ahead, I worried because of how much it affected us all last time and how I would cope with such little sleep, a pre schooler and a business to run.

Thankfully Mabli is so far a very different baby, we also felt more confident as parents and probably a bit more relaxed too. From day one we used a white noise machine, co-slept, kept the light calm and dim and also used dummies (with no guilt, whatever works guys!).

With Wilf (who now sleeps mostly through the night) he still tends to get up quite early (despite blackout blinds) because he doesn't understand when morning is.

I'm partnering up with Bleep Bleeps in this post to showcase their new product the 'Suzy Snooze'. The Suzy Snooze, an all-in-one baby monitor, sleep trainer and nightlight, has been co-created with UK’s biggest parenting community, Mumsnet.

I love the design led products by Bleep Bleeps and the attention to detail with Suzy Snooze is no different. What I love most about the aesthetics of this product is its led by tech but is still cute and playful. Like all BleepBleeps products, Suzy Snooze can be controlled from the BleepBleeps app making it simple for parents to schedule and log sleep routines for their children. 

Suzy Snooze has been developed using the latest in sleep science to help young children learn healthy sleep routines, with guidance from Professor Colin Espie, one of the world’s leading authorities on sleep at the University of Oxford. The advise on how light and sound could be used to create the most relaxing environment for children to sleep in has helped form this product, all with the understanding that good sleep habits in early life lead to a lower incidence of sleep disorders later on.

I was really interested in the fact that it emits a red light over white light as I've recently read up on how much white light disturbs our sleep and red light is the best for a restful night. 

Suzy Snooze has three main modes:

1, Sleep Sequence - Lasting for ten minutes during which time sleep-inducing music and lights play

2, Nighttime - When music stops and a constant light comes on, comforting your child and helping them to sleep by creating a calm and cosy environment

3, Morning Time - Suzy’s lights will count down the last hour to morning, at a time customised by the parent or guardian. Suzy’s hat gently pops up and let’s the child know that it’s ok to get up.

You can also connect Suzy Sleep to the BleepBleeps app making her a baby monitor. The monitor lets you listen in live to hear your baby and alerts you to their cry using a crying detection system. 

The kickstarter for this product starts right now (11am 21st June) and runs until the 21st of July, the first 100 people will be able to pre-order the gadget at $125 and the remaining at $149 before it goes on to the mass market at $175. To find out more and take part in the kickstarter click here.

What do you think of the sound of Suzy Snooze? 

in association with Bleep Bleeps 

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