A little garden update and the prettiest planters!

Anyone who knows me knows that I have the least green fingers ever, in fact I have been known to kill cacti..

I'm a city girl, I can't imagine living in the country and I'm much more at home in a hipster cafe with a flat white than in a field. However I do appreciate how good how an outside space is, for myself but more so for my kiddos.

When we first bought the house about six years ago the garden was such a mix match of bits and bobs that didn't fit together, the ground was half wood chip with a random square of decking in the middle, then a bunch of multilayers concrete and a half finished dried up pond. We moved in over the summer so left it as it was for the first year, by the next I was pregnant and we didn't really have the funds to change it and then the following summer we had a little baby and couldn't find the time to make a cup of tea let alone redesign the garden.

When Wilf was 18 months Tom's bestie (and best man at our wedding) came up and helped us sort out the weird wood chip and decking and lay down turf. It made such a difference and we were finally able to enjoy our garden! Roll on two years later and we hadn't kept up with the mowing, the tree that hung over our garden was shedding so many helicopter seeds that some tiny trees were starting to grow, through the winter it had basically turned it into a load of mud we never went outside. I was heavily pregnant (again!) and we realised that even having a lawn was too much of an upkeep for us, we needed something simple!

We decided to fake grass half the garden and leave the other half as patio and it's a much simpler solution for us.

It was still really important to Tom to garden with Wilf, at 4 he's really aware and interested in where food comes from and the process of growing something from a seed. We grew some cress in a pot in his bedroom and he was thrilled! Again our friend Rog came to the rescue with a solution, a place to ensure we had some nature but in an easier format! With his business set up with friend Ross at Fat Leaf they create the most beautiful larch planters.

He send us a large planter and also the cutest little childs planter for Tom and Wilf to get stuck into. In the large one we started to grow peppers, cucumbers and tomatoes and hanging above it Strawberries and Wilf's little one has lavender and herbs!

The planters also come is lots of different sizes and designs, I love the collection of hexagon ones too, perfect as a feature for a small garden.

Wilf pointing out the strawberries and just look at those peppers!

Every weekend now Tom and Wilf have a little father and son gardening session. Wilf will run out and grab some herbs on instruction from Tom just like I remember doing for my dad as a child. There is something so lovely about these moments.

Sunday evening rocking those PJ's and collecting some Strawberries (that he refuses to eat by the way!)

Wilf - 'This watering can is so heavy!' (on inspection I found it was full of rocks, when questioned he replied 'oh yes that's where I keep my collection')

You have no idea how proud Tom is of the cucumber plant..

So that's it! A little update on our updated garden, it's perfect for us as the key thing is it's manageable and also fits together a bit more too. I think the addition of the planters has helped add a bit of nature into our urban life and is such a lovely way to get Wilf (and Tom) interested in growing their own food. Not sure it's going to make Wilf actually eat them mind you but it's a start ;)

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