A spot of Yoga with Bear Nibbles

We've been a fan of BEAR Yo-Yos since Wilf was a little toddler. I remember him pointing them out at a counter and asking for them, I initially mistook them for sweets and told him he couldn't and then realised on closer inspection that they were actually 100% pure fruit roll ups! They've been a constant in our snack cupboard ever since, they contain no added nonsense and I LOVE the fact Wilf still thinks of them as a special treat over something like chocolate or cake (long may it last whilst I'm sneaking biscuits in the kitchen ;)).

When BEAR Nibbles got in touch to ask if we would like to work with them throughout this year on a series of monthly posts I was really thrilled as I see them as such a good fit for our family and lifestyle.

Our 'Little Paws Outdoors' kit arrived full of Paws nibbles for Wilf, Outdoor Alphabet cards and also a wildlife magazine from The Wildlife Trusts. This month BEAR is working with The Wildlife Trusts to encourage kids to get healthier and happier by enjoying the great outdoors. In every pack of BEAR Paws there are a series of Outdoor Alphabet Cards, each with a fun task on for the little ones to complete'.

As you might be able to tell from these pictures our first challenge was 'outside yoga'! Wilf literally jumped up and down when he saw the card as yoga is something we both love doing together. We started when I was pregnant with Mabli and we got ourselves yoga mats to do in front of my DVD. Since then we've also been enjoying watching a kids yoga channel which teaches things like relaxation and yoga moves to children stories. We've only ever done it in our living room infant of the TV though so it was lovely to give it a go in our garden instead!

Time outdoors is really important for growing kids I think, getting back to nature makes them healthy and happier. There are three outdoor activity cards in every pack of BEAR Paws and what's great is they have no added sugar and never from concentrates, just 100% fruit.

Downward Dog (pretty much the only move I can ever do and so good to stretch yourself out!)

The BEAR Nibbles packs all include cards with activities to do, from jam making to building dens. Sometimes having a prompt is the nudge I need to actually do an activity with Wilf and I find afterwards that we've been learning all sorts of skills without really thinking about it, I'm not massively good at imaginary play so having a 'thing' to do is really helpful for us both.

 As you can see he had a blast and this was a great way to get him having fun outdoors!

You can see a fun little video we did with them below!

In partnership with BEAR nibbles, do your kids like these snacks? What do you think of outdoor yoga? Find out more at Bear Nibbles and follow @Follow_The_Bear

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