hello from the sick house

'This blogger I follow hasn't posted anything in a week!' I heard Tom say whilst looking at his laptop the other day. I should have known really that he was joking because he doesn't actually read any blogs and he was teasing me. Somehow whole weeks go past, I feel like I've been working, answering emails, editing and all sorts daily and yet I'm only managing a post a week.

At the start of last week Wilf came down with a cough and over the weekend we all seemed to get this virus which really knocked us for six. I remember when Wilf was 8 weeks old Tom and I both got the neurovirus (thankfully Wilf didn't) and we were literally relay racing back and forth to the bathroom and taking it in turns with the baby when the other was being sick. Breastfeeding on top of that made me feel like I was literally drained of everything I could possibly give. Thankfully we're not that sick this time but I was still finding breastfeeding on top of feeling so poorly really tough. Mabli probably felt the worse out of all of us and the virus left her covered in spots which eventually led me on a trip to A&E to get the checked out. Unfortunately the Doctors we are at don't offer same day/drop in or next day appointments even for babies so they just advise a trip to A&E instead. I'm not ashamed to say there have been a few tears shed during this past week, one night as I took the baby to bed I just lay there with her sleeping in my arms, the first time I'd had a chance to rest all day and I just cried and cried. I cried because I wanted a mum to mother me instead of being the mother. I think sometimes it's good to let it all out though, I think I needed a good release!

So the house is a mess, the emails are backing up and my blog is neglected. But we're all healthy again and all those things will sort themselves out in time (I hope, I mean I'm not sure our house will ever not be a mess! ;)). Thanks as always for your patience and for taking the time to comment or message me or like a picture or any kind of interaction really! It means a lot, it never stops meaning a lot.

I'm not sure I posted this over here yet but I made a little video of our weekend a couple of weekends back if you fancy a watch. I'm trying to do more over on my channel

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