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When we bought our home we weren't really looking for a three bed, we valued a larger bathroom and two large bedrooms to the houses we'd seen with three small bedrooms or downstairs bathrooms. At the time we didn't have kids (we didn't even have cats at that point) it was just me and Tom and even our spare room seemed too big for us. Children were always going to be on the cards for us if we were lucky enough to be able to have them but we basically decided to see what would happen in terms of how many we might be able to have.

Now Mabli has arrived we feel our family is definitely complete (although ask me that question in five years time and I might give you a different answer ;). We're currently pretty happy with the idea of them sharing a room as soon as we feel she's old enough to leave ours. What we do when they are too old to share though we're not entirely sure at the moment!

Wilf didn't actually go into his own room until he was 18 months and now Mabli is turning eight months I doubt she will be sharing with Wild anytime soon but I think we will reassess when she gets to a year. As thats not actually to far away (how!) I've been looking for double room inspiration and creating a pin board with lots of ideas.

I've listed some of the items I think would make for a perfect shared bedroom below from the feature image at the top of this post. If anyone has kids that share I'd love to know if you have any tips for making a room that's functional for them both!

1, Stompa UNO S Detachable Bunk Bed from Room to Grow - With a two bed house and two kids we were always going to have to get bunkbeds. I love the design of these ones from Stompa, the curve makes for a really different look and I'm all about the white when it comes to furniture (major regrets buying an wooden bed for Wilf, always think about painting it white but realistically don't ever have the time!

2, Set of three floating shelves from Molly Meg - Adding little pops of colour like this against a white wall is a style trend I really love. Both for the home in general but also for childrens rooms! I'd put all of Wilf's stacking dolls and night light on them I think.

3, I've been collecting the Lapin and Me toys since Wilf was a baby, we bought Mabli this one for the shelf above the corner of our room (poor second baby!) I love the idea of decorating their shared bedroom with the whole collection.

4, Double Dreamer bunk bed from Ollie and Leila - I love that this one has potential for three beds which is perfect as we often find ourself settling Wilf in his own room and I'm sure we'll have many of those nights once Mabli has moved in too!

5, love the look of this monochrome storage basket from Cissy Wears.

6, Kawaii light grey cloud cushion from Retro Kids

7, Burp Boutique greetings cards - we often use greeting cards to make mini prints around the house, love this collection of cute kawaii style animals.

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