My Latch Diary - A story of expressing and getting Mabli to take a bottle!

My breastfeeding story second time round has been quite different from my first experience. With Wilf I ended up having lots of issues and although I overcame them and ended up breastfeeding for over two years it was quite an emotional journey. Thankfully with Mabli it was almost immediately easy which I'm so thankful for.

I'm working with Munchkin Latch bottles in this post to share my 'Latch Diary'. I thought I'd share with you a bit more about how we fit bottle feeding into our lives with Mabli and how I am able to do this and continue to breastfeed too.

I actually went back to work two weeks after having Mabli, although of course I work from home 90% of the time so it wasn't like I was back in an office 9-5 or anything. Tom was able to take my maternity leave and so took six months off which was such an amazing opportunity for our family. Whilst I mainly work from home (or take the kids with me to work things) sometimes I do need to leave the house without the baby and as I'm still planning on breastfeeding for a good while we needed to get expressing and bottle feeding sorted out so I could.

The first time we tried this was in preparation for my talk at the Marie Claire 'At Work Live' event and it was quite stressful. Although I find expressing easy I had no experience of bottle feeding having not done it with Wilf. We tried the bottle that came with my expressing kit and she didn't get on with it at all, we then rushed out to Mothercare to try and buy up all sort of different teats, bottles and brands and after a few more fraught attempts gave up and I ended up bringing Mabli with me in the end with Tom back stage looking after her. I actually made a video of that day at the time funny enough that you can watch here if you like.

Fast forward three months and the need for Mabli to take a bottle was even greater. Tom was back at work and I had arranged for eight hours childcare a week for Mabli so I could keep on top of work. I also had a few events in London booked in that I needed to attend and that weren't really baby friendly.

It was around this time we were introduced to the Latch bottles from Munchkin. They are designed to mimic the breast in a way to encourage your baby to be able to take milk from it easily. With breastfeeding your baby will only latch properly when you nipple reaches the back of your babies soft palette. Unlike other bottles we've tried it has an accordion style teat that stretches to latch on better and will mimic the type of latch a baby will use when breastfeeding.

Honestly I think these bottles are genius! As you can see from the video Mabli is able to use them really easily, we now use the bottles and also the latch sippy cup on my childcare day and she has never had a problem drinking her feed I've expressed for her.

When we initially tried to bottle feed Mabli it ended being quite a stressful situation and one I think Tom was daunted to try again. The true test I think was my first full day away to London childfree. I was also feeling quite emotional about being away from her for the longest time yet (about 9 hours) and also with how they would get on. I'm so pleased at what a success it was and it's but my mind at rest for future trips away. I genuinely found Mabli got on much better feeding from this bottle so would definitely recommend giving it a go if you are in a similar situation.

A made a little video of our experience if you fancy watching it, it will be live at 9am tomorrow so check back then as I think it's pretty cute if I say so myself ;) I've also nominated my blogging friend Katie from The Enchanting blog so see how she gets on with her 'Latch Diary', can't wait to see what she thinks!

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