Our weekend in pictures

I haven't done a a post like this in a little while and I miss them because they are my favourite to look back on. I feel like a broken record but life has been so busy lately, busy good but it means that posts like this this fall to the way side a little. Posts celebrating the little things, the 'not so much to report' things but the moments I want to remember.

This weekend we headed to the other side of Bristol to check out the artwork/graffiti from Upfest (or graffitooo as Wilf thinks its called for some reason. I don't correct him because I know he'll grow out of these little sayings soon and I want to cherish them whilst they are still around). It takes about 45minutes to get to the other side of the city which isn't a big deal in the grand scheme of things but often means we need an excuse to decide to go there. Upfest was actually the weekend before but we knew it would be busy and although we thought it would be nice to see the graffiti artists at work we also sort of wanted to see them when they were all completed!

We had lunch at the Southville Thali which I actually think trumps our local Thali in Easton.

We met up with Tom's sister for lunch and just wondered around, popping into charity shops and picking up a new game for Wilf. I try to implement the one in one out rule when it comes to Wilf's charity shop toys now. That way unless it's something really special it means we don't have a house full of too many toy cars and we're spending and donating to charity as we go along. This time he picked up a Gruffalo rhyming card game, he's been getting so good at recognising words now and a can read a few. He's also really impressively good at rhyming, alliteration and generally playing around with words. He actually started to speak clear sentences around 14 months which was considered pretty early really. I think it helped a lot with him being able to communicate well with us so early and we were lucky enough to not really deal with any terrible twos or anything. Mabli so far seems to be a few weeks behind Wilf in terms of development when it comes to sitting or crawling or whatever so I'll be interested in seeing how soon she walks or talks. Not that it's a big deal when they do things of course, I just find it interesting!

On Sunday we spent the morning pottering around doing house work and generally just hanging out. The afternoon was spent in the garden (so thankful for our fake lawn, the old grass would have been mud by now). We got the pool out, Mabli ate her first Mini Magnum (I'm joking she literally had a lick of mine then played with the stick which is why she's covered herself with any of the chocolate left on it). I resisted working when the kids were happily playing and instead sourced Tom and I a G&T and just enjoyed our family.

I'm loving how these two are able to play more and more lately, even if Wilf's just discovering that his sister wants to get into ALL his toys!

(Wilf decided he was a bat, so these are his wings)

Love this goof ball so much

More weekend like that please!

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