A day trip to Brighton with Thameslink

I think I've mentioned a few times that Tom and I currently don't drive. We travel a lot and people often ask us how we do that without a car and two children in tow. Honestly there are times when I think a car would be easier (like going to a festival for example) but mostly with the places we like to visit living by a major train station we can just hop and and travel to pretty much anywhere in the UK.

The thing I love about train travel is that you have the freedom to move about, leg room to stretch out, trips to the toilet, walking down the aisle to sooth a baby or take out your packed lunch and eat it on the table. Wilf is so used to traveling on the train that he sits down and immediately takes his toys or colouring book out his backpack and just gets on with it! Pre - baby it even meant I could drink a hot coffee and read a magazine sitting next to him too. It really is pretty civilised!

We were invited to take a day trip to Brighton with Thameslink last week and we jumped at the chance of a little day trip away. I'd not actually travelled with them before but was really impressed with how modern their trains are. They even have a monitor above the door which will tell you things like how full each carriage is, how many stops you have left, where the toilets are and other information like the time. I thought that was really useful, especially the bit about how full each carriage it because although there were barely any people in ours it would be really useful to know if you were travelling at a busy time for example. Brighton is also a brilliant place to travel by train to as the station is just so close to everything and you're by the beach in minutes.

We decided to take a day trip from London Bridge as we'd been spending a few days in London anyway as a last spontaneous seaside trip before school starts. I've been to Brighton twice but only once with my family a couple of years ago and we kept saying how we needed to return as we totally fell in love with it.

Our first stop was straight to the Photo Booth and a spot of Vintage shopping. You might think that isn't very exciting for kids but Wilf LOVES to help me chose clothes and taking pictures in the Photo Booth was also a highlight of his day. It's funny because I take so many photos daily but hardly ever print them out. Our fridge is full of Photo Booth pictures from over the years instead!

Will helped me pick out a couple of really cute dresses and Tom a jumper with a cat on it, he did pick him out a loverly purple and turquoise Hawaiian shirt too but he declined, not sure why ;) Whenever we travel Tom and I are allowed to buy one item of clothing each and we get Wilf a book. That way we have souvenirs that we can actually use.

I've taken a picture of this door every time I've visited and always see it on Instagram too, it makes me wonder who lives there and if they mind!

There are loads of lovely street art all over Brighton, what surprised me was that some of the ones we'd spotted two years ago were still there and didn't have any tags on them. That's pretty unheard of in Bristol!

Next we head to a veggie pub that Tom had looked up called The Prince George. We were total eager beavers literally waiting outside for them to open at 12 but it was SO worth it. If you're veggie (or even if you're not) then you need to check it out. The battered Halloumi was just incredible..mmm still dreaming about that food. Wilf even ate all of his which I think is definitely a sign of a good meal.

After that we headed down to the seafront and to take a trip on the Brighton i360. I wasn't sure what we'd make of it before we got on but honestly we were all really blown away by it. Will was just in awe of being so high and seeing all the sights and I could have taken a million pictures. They even had a champagne bar in the pod and Wilf said very loudly 'mummy! daddy! look they have your wine here! Do you want a glass of wine?' haha little bit embarrassing! Id say if you are planning a trip to Brighton then definitely add it to your list, we're already planning on having a go on it next time we visit too. Oh just don't look up when you're travelling up, I pretty much thought we were at the top at one point and we were barely half way there!

Doesn't the water just look so blue! These pictures were just taken with my iPhone as I had brought my big camera out with a flat battery (which happens more than I'd like to admit!).

I included the below picture as it just makes me laugh! I was probably midst saying 'can you just take a picture of me by this wall??' my most overused saying ever ;) p.s if anyone is wondered how much we take on day trip? It's essentially this, Tom will carry another rucksack if we're staying over. I think train travel has really helped us being able to travel light!

We finished our day off with a play at the splash pad and building sandcastles in the park just by the sea front with ice creams all round before hoping on the train again.

p.s trains are also a great place to nurse a baby to sleep! 

We had such a lovely day trip to Brighton and would really recommend a visit and a visit by train too!

In association with Thameslink

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Unknown said...

Ahh what a great day out you guys had. I love Brighton but haven't been on the 360i - think I'll plan a family day trip there soon!

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