Joolz Geo Review

Joolz Geo pushchair review
Parents or parents-to-be will know that buying your travel system for your baby can be a total minefield! I remember looking around the shops when I was pregnant with Wilf and just feeling totally overwhelmed, what would be a good fit for us and what would be the useful for our city life.

I'm working with Joolz in this post to test out their Joolz Geo. We've had this chair now for about a month which I feel is a good amount of time to really get to grips with it and try it doing a few different things like getting public transport or how easy it is to use for naps etc. Hopefully you'll find this review useful if you're looking into getting this pushchair.

Design is a big pull for me and I think for something you use pretty much every day for a good few years you have to be in love with the design. I'm really into bold colours and patterns usually in the clothes I wear so it probably seems strange I would be so drawn to the muted subtle tones in the Joolz designs. My reason for wanting a pushchair in this tone is so I don't actually clash with it, ha! Although in these pics I've actually accidentally matched my outfit with my buggy ;)

I met up with my friend Nell Mallia for a coffee over the weekend and she was kind enough to take these pics for me which I love! Mabli was in such a grumpy mood so she did well to get these shots and ones of Mabli too that weren't of her grizzling.

The first thing I'd say I love about this brand is that they are very eco conscious. They actually plant a tree in Colombia for every pushchair sold with the idea that the tree grows with your child and encourage you re-use the cardboard box the chair comes in in lots of fun ways. They also use organic fabrics in items such as their baby blankets which are so so soft.

What I noticed immediately when we started road testing this pushchair is how brilliant designed it is for people are that little bit taller. I'm 5,8 and I've always had to stoop just that tiny little bit when pushing a pushchair. The handle actually extends to two different heights so I feel like it would be great for people of all different heights rather than a 'one size fits all' sort of approach. I also find it really easy to push one handed, which if you have a four year olds hand to hold on the school run is essential.

Although we have no plans to have a third child if we did have another baby this pushchair has the ability to attached another seat underneath which is pretty cool. It means you don't need to purchase a separate pushchair later on but only need to buy an additional seat.

Going back to the ergonomical aspect of the design, the seat it designed to be at table height so that if needed it can be pushed straight up against the table of a cafe for example. I love that we can keep her in her chair if needs be when I'm having a coffee and she's happy being part of the action!

I like really the size of the basket below (I've literally stuffed it in these pics as I had shopping underneath). An added bonus is that as it comes out further than the seat so when she drops her toys or dummy as we walk along it falls into there and not on the floor!

I'm using the seat on the parent facing mode but you can also turn it around to it's forward facing too of course.

We took of these pics in Mokoko coffee which was so nice! I'm defo going back there for pizza sometime soon.

You can actually customise your Joolz by added things like personalised handle bars. We chose 'Birdy' for ours as Mabli's middle name is Kittiwake and we often call her our little bird.

We live in a city so having a pushchair that was neat enough to fit into cafes and on the bus was really important to me which it does brilliantly but it's also big enough to have a seat that will really grow with your child and have a lot of basket space too! It goes up and down curbs really well without lots of bumping which is essential especially if you've got a sleeping baby! We've not really taken it off road much but it's worked well over the grass in the park too.

If I had to be really picky I sometimes find the 5 point harness a bit tricky especially when wresting a grizzly baby so if I had to change one thing it might be that but that's honestly the only thing I could find fault with! I have to say I'm really impressed with the Joolz Geo and it ticks all our boxes as a city loving family. Tom doesn't really 'get' the pushchair excitement as much as I do ;) but even he had mentioned a few times how much he enjoys pushing it.

I hope that's been helpful! Let me know if you are looking to buy one and have any more questions I could answer!

We received the Joolz Geo for purposes of this review

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Angie said...

Such a nice review. You have really given me insight on the next project i am working on. Review of pushchair. I would also love to try it out and see how handy it can be for my twin girls.I also enjoyed reading your article. So easy to understand.I also liked the part where you can customize names for your baby Thank you for sharing

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