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It's funny, I was chatting with a friend when Mabli was just a few weeks old. I said how I was coming to the end of the 'fourth trimester' that things were feeling easier and I was feeling a shift. She replied that she felt like really it was the first nine months, it stuck with me.

Now that my little girl is as long out in the world as she lived inside me I'm starting to feel a difference in 'me'. I remember feeling it with Wilf too, those first months are so intense, you are wrapped up in everything 'baby', and thats completely natural and valid of course. I honestly don't think you can ever be the 'same person' you were before you have children to when you become a parent. How can you be, it strips you of your selfishness and makes you care about someone more than yourself, it would be hard to ever feel the same again. That being said I noticed a change first time round about 9 months in and I'm feeling it again now, things that interested me before I was wrapped up in baby land are starting to inspire me again.

For me this is fashion, it's always been fashion. I'll never stop feeling excited seeing a beautifully made item of clothes, a design, a fabric, a lookbook. Fashion inspires me, it makes me feel creative, it gives me the ability to feel a certain way depending on how I dress, to play again, to have fun.

This is how I felt when an email from Justine Tabak arrived in my inbox, a little flutter of excitement, a day dream about where I'd what and how I'd style it. When I read more about her new label and designs I fell in love harder. Sharing this outfit with you is something I've been dying to do since I opened the parcel and eagerly tried it on. I'll be sharing a discount code for the line at the bottom of the post so do scroll all the way to the end! 

These pictures were taken by my very talented friend Nell, I was so thrilled with how she captured them! I feel so inspired teaming up with creative women like Nell and Justine! It's given me loads of inspiration for things I want to do with this blog in the future too!

I love how the pop of yellow matches the pop of yellow in The Boston Tea Party in Bath and what a gorgeous setting to take pictures in, that light!

I'm wearing both the Portobello lace top and Portobello lace skirt from Justine Tabak in cream. They actually come in black too so you can mix and match if you like or also match them with other items from your wardrobe. I love the idea of the delicate skirt with maybe a nineties style colour block top or the lace top with jeans for example. The Lace Merchant style is definitely my favourite from her current collection but I'm also coverting Morgate cream silk printed shirt and the Petticoat Lane Red Corduroy dress.

All the collection is made in the British Isles using small manufactures and I love the East End 'Cockney' vibe to the whole collection. Somehow managing to capture the delicate pretty with an urban feel and modern cuts.

Following on from working with creative ladies! I also wanted to introduce a bit of one of my other loves back into the blog and that's illustration. Whilst I don't actually have time to be creating artwork myself I wanted to start working and showcasing illustrators I love too. I thought it might be a nice mix with some of my outfit posts.

I've mentioned my friend Laura before and I loved being able to work with her on this post. This is what she came up with!

Isn't it amazing?!

P.S Incase you're wondering my shoes are from here and bag here.

Whats really exciting though is I'm able to give you guys 10% off the collection at Justine Tabak with the code  JTTL10. I really hope you fall in love with them as much as I have, it's so exciting to discover brand new British designers I think!

What's your favourite piece from the range?

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Katy Orme said...

How completely gorgeous! Xx

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