My five day lunch box plan!

I remember lunch boxes from when I was child, made by my dad (who stayed at home whilst my mum trained and then worked as a midwife). I remember the excitement of finding out what was in them when midday came around. I'd always have, something savoury, a snack and a treat (as well as a drink of course) and each day it would be different. Coming from a family of five kids I'm only now just realising how much effort must have done into preparing them all for us for the day ahead. I still miss my dad's cooking now and hopefully with a little practise my kids will miss mine ;)

With Wilf starting school I'm thinking more and more about the practicalities of these things, school bags, homework, p.e kit and lunch boxes. It's all becoming very real! I'm working with Flora on this post to share with you my 5 day lunch box plan Incorporating Flora Original into the meals I make. 

When it comes to Wilf's meals I've previously struggled with just how much he is supposed to eat and at what age. I often fall into the trap of thinking he should be eating much more than he does or give him portion sizes that overwhelm him. I think that can be a concern for lots of parents but I've learnt that smaller portion sizes and looking at how much he's eaten over a whole week rather than just a day is really helpful. 

I hope you've like my five day lunch box plan and that it's maybe given you some ideas for your own. I find food can be such a tricky one with kids at times so it's nice to mix it up and not eat the same thing every day whilst still keeping things quite simple! 

Flora have a section on their website for 'healthy kids meals' which can help when trying to work out what items to look for to ensure your kids get their 5 a day. You can also download their lunchbox guide which will give you lots of ideas and inspiration for your child's lunch box. What do you pack in your packed lunch box?

Lunchbox Plan

Monday – Cheese and tomato sandwiches are a real staple for our week. I find routine and familiarity really help when it comes to mealtimes but we try and mix it up as the week goes on. I include breadsticks as a snack then blueberries as a superfood and an orange to finish. It's worth noting I pack a bottle of water with all his meals and try to limit juices as much as possible.

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Tuesday - Wilf loves wraps and would eat them every day of the week. I think they are such a simple way to encourage him to eat foods he might not always try (especially in fajitas). This wrap I've gone for Flora Original, Quorn ham (as we are all vegetarians) cream cheese and a little tub of sweetcorn. I've popped in some strawberries as a healthy snack and a banana as well which will fill him up for the rest of the afternoon.

Wednesday - We like to make use of any leftovers we have from the night before, it also makes for an easy go-to for my lunch which is a must with a baby around. Rice or pasta are brilliant left over lunch box items I think, just pop them in an extra bit of tupperware. I think it helps change things up from bready items every day. In this lunch I've got yesterday’s tomato pasta, some sweetcorn and a boiled egg for extra protein. For pudding I've added a homemade fruit loaf with Flora Original spread across it. 

Thursday - Wholemeal pitta and hummus with Flora original, my son can't get enough of hummus which is also a great snack you could pop in and add some cut up veg or breadsticks as an alternative to pitta. I've added fresh vine tomatoes, green and red grapes and a banana.

Friday - Ending the week with a simple but delicious one, cheddar cheese on crackers with Flora Original. Fresh tomatoes and avocado for a healthy fat addition and strawberries and raisins for pudding.

Three Top Tips

  1. Plan ahead for the week when doing the supermarket shop, to ensure you have, main, snacks and pudding.hen you won't be reaching for things like crisps or chocolate when you’re out of ideas.
  2. Make a little more of your main meal the night before, especially if it's something easy like rice or pasta that can be added to a lunchbox for the next day. It also means you're spending less and have a meal all ready to go without too much sorting in the morning.
  3. I tend to find with my little boy, that larger portion sizes really overwhelm him. If I include smaller handfuls of things (a few tomatoes, a handful of grapes, a sandwich cut into small pieces etc) then he will be more likely to eat them, than if I include only one of two larger items.

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sophiepumpkin said...

Gah! Not another sponsored post. And FLORA?!!! Whatever next.

Nicola Says said...

Much better than some of the things I'd probably prep or had as a kid. Love that they're colourful.

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