School run style and feeling the feels

It's week three of the school run..I think..I've lost track of the days and weeks a little bit if I'm honest. I go through feeling like 'I'm liking the routine, he's happy, he's learning so much, this is good' to feeling like 'nope I can't be doing this everyday, I just saw a girl being mean to him, I'm taking him out we'll go home and built forts and watch movies'. It's a swinging pendulum of emotions.

I'm lucky that he's not shown any signs of NOT having a good time. He knows a couple of the kids in the other class, he always has someone to play with at break. He's one of the oldest in the year, he loves learning, he's desperate to read and write.

I went to the park after school and some girls were telling him boys can't play, only girls. I wanted to cry. He told me his friend said she wasn't his friend that day, she had a new friend. I feel like my heart is breaking for him, I can't bare other peoples kids. I want to wrap him in cotton wool and protect him and to always be there as soon as he falls down and grazes his had. I can't, sometimes kids need to work out their own things. I don't want anyone to make him feel like he can't play with his My Little Ponies. He loves My Little Ponies, he's a boy too, shock horror.

Does this settle down? Does anyone feel 100% about their school choice? About sending them there in the first place? How do you deal when people's kids are just...meanies?!

Any advice gratefully accepted.

My friend Kat gave me a great piece of advice about the school run. She said throw on some joggers for the run, when you're home you can shower and get changed. Wear a hat in winter, no one has time to wash their hair before 8 and get children ready..right?

For someone who spent about 15 years of their life living in skirts and dresses I've succumbed to the jeans and sweater look. Half way through the first week I was wearing pink joggers, unfortunately it's too warm still for hat to hide the hair situation. Blessing come in it still being sunny enough for sunglasses to hide the eye bags.

So I thought I'd come up with my favourite pieces for the school run, if your interested!

I've recently become obsessed with these 'mom jeans', I'm also not 100% sure I can pull them off. I tried these jeans in about 101 combinations of size and length and decided on the W 30/ L 30 size (I'm usually a 12) but in hindsight at they have stretched as I've worn them I could have gone a little smaller. I love that they are high rise because I have quite a long tummy AND because I always tumble try my tops and then accidentally make them that bit smaller!

I've teamed them with these trainers from Boden which I am currently living in and this top from La Redoute . My saddle bag is from here.

I've been trawling the internet for some other ideas on easy school run ideas though so I thought I'd make a little list below of others items I've been loving.

Oh P.S don't forget you can 'shop my looks' here now too if you want to see the bits and pieces I've been loving lately :)


Unknown said...

You'll get used to meanies and it just being the way kids deal with things. Mine get people being meanies, but can also BE the meanie, particularly when it comes to who's their best friend that day and constant fall outs over things they forget about 10 mins later. My middle one is 6 and she's already been 'dumped' by about 7 boyfriends (it's ok, she has three more) it's so normal now we've learnt it's just kids and how they learn social skills. I've got one just started high school, whole new kettle of fish and I have to start again now learning what's 'normal teen behaviour' and try not to worry. Xxxx

Natalie said...

My lovely Meme started reception last year and I have to admit it took a long long time for her to settle (I'm talking until about May!) She has just started year one and is like a different child! It's a learning curve for us all!! Good luck x

Kara said...

I don't think you ever feel 100% with school. Let's be honest they are your most precious part and you are entrusting someone so any time they are even a little hurt, if only for a minute it makes you question.
It does get easier though as you find your rhythm.
I have to go to work straight from school run so always have to be as ready as can be and it is hard.
You look amazing xx

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