What Mama Wore - Boden Ruched Waist Dress Plus 20% off!

Boden Ruched Dress

So if you follow my on IG you might have seen a few pics of my in this dress already but I'm doing a whole post on it because basically I'm obsessed.

Before anyone says anything yep there is no way you could breastfeed in it and considering I breastfed Wilf until he was over two it will most likely be a while until I can wear this day to day with Mabli BUT sometimes I think it's OK to have one of those dresses you wear on an evening out without the baby. Or if you're not breastfeeding a baby, obviously this paragraph doesn't even matter anyway, ha! I just thought I'd include it as I do try to promote ideas for breastfeeding friendly fashion and this just isn't one of those posts.

What it is though is the most flattering dress I've worn in a long time!
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Boden Ruched Dress

 The ruched waist means that it covers any lumps and bumps you might be carrying on your tummy (and believe me I am definitely still carrying one of those tummies and why not ey? I'm pretty sure I just had a baby..totally in denial that she's almost one..but I digress). I'm popping this post a little earlier than planned too as it's 20% off until Thursday!

These pics were taken by my lovely friend and talented photographer Nell. I've had a few questions about getting someone to do my photos now on the blog and whilst they won't all be taken by Nell (more's the pity, I'd love for her to just follow me around all the time making me look good ;)) but for posts like this it actually just makes a lot of sense to team up with someone.

Tom is so helpful and willing to take pictures (and some really good ones at that) but often it does impede on our family time. With Wilf starting school I'm really conscious of trying to create a bit of a separation of work time and family time. So I want weekends to be just about family and not trying to tick off jobs that need doing for the blog. Obviously there probably will be times we need to mix the two and also that happens quite naturally as well because it's a 'family lifestyle' blog but if I can create a bit of a separation at times I think it would help our work life balance a bit. Also it's just so inspiring to work with talented women like Nell!

Boden Ruched Dress

 I teamed the dress up with this saddle bag which has been a firm favourite ever since I received it. You can wear it with pretty much anything and it's not too weighty either!  The shoes are also Boden and are really comfy, I've never really got on with shoes that are pointy at the toes but I find I am a bit of a half size when it comes to Boden shoes and if I order a size up they are perfect.

Boden Ruched Dress

 I feel like I was saying 'why does my hair not behave' in this picture ha!

Boden Ruched Dress

 Hope you liked this outfit and the photos that I've been doing with Nell. You can see a couple of others here and here and also our family shoot here!

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