When you fail - Me and Mine September

So our Me and Mine pictures this month are..in the lift in our local retail park heading up to NEXT.. yep that's the only picture I could find of all of us from September..and frankly Mabli is barely in it.

I tried to rush and get a pic this morning before work/school/life..let's just say I won't be trying to repeat that exercise and no pictures where taken.

September has been a really full on month. There's the obvious, school starting and the massive change that has been to our lives and routines. We're all tired, I'm not sure I'll ever get used to the school run..and the baby has timed this with barely sleeping so..it's been a tricky one!

There's also been a lot of heartache, not something I'll go into really here, but it would be hard for me to explain why I've been more silent over this month. Frankly it would be hard to explain at all if I'm honest. Relationships with family members aren't always easy, things are never black and white. What remains a constant is my small family unit, Tom and the kids. I'm so thankful for that. Even if I scream and shout in the mornings, even if I find it hard to say sorry (always), even when I'm not being a good wife or mum and when I'm trying to be a good daughter and sister.

Sometimes I want a grown up to tell me what is best..and then I remember that I'm the grown up!

There have been some really joyful moments too of course. I'm so excited to see how Wilf is developing at school, within weeks he's come on massively with his reading and writing. I know that is a sometimes controversial subject and I don't in anyway think 4 years old 'should' be doing things at this age. All children are so different but Wilf is definitely the kind of kid that wants to do these things and is picking up on things now so quickly. He's been able to spell his name for a while but has now mastered our names too and is able to pick up on lots of words and work out how they go together. It's an exciting time as I think reading is such wonderful thing to be able to do, I can't wait for him to get lost in a good book and to see where his imagination takes him.

Mabli has always changed massively over the past month, I'm not sure its it a leap or not but she's also coming along really well in her speech. When I say speech she's just babbling away but she can recognise words now too. She still has no teeth though!

I've been feeling a bit lost whilst I try and work out me new routine as a school run mum. I was feeling a bit lonely with some of my friends moving away and not really seeing people as much as I used to when I had Wilf with me. In fact I was becoming a bit of a hermit for a couple of weeks as I just couldn't work out what to do with my time in-between drop off and pick up and how to fit in all the things I needed to do in that time. It's odd as I thought I'd have more time but I actually seem to have less!

I'm feeling positive about some new friendships I've been making lately though and I think that this new phase of our life will be a positive one once we've found our feet. I'm trying to cut out bits of social media that were making me feel a bit negative too. It's hard because of my job of course but I think it's just finding a good balance..like everything in life!

Gosh this has turned into a bit of long winded post hasn't it! Hope any of that makes sense, I'm so sleep deprived I wouldn't be surprised if it didn't. I'm even quite starting to like our funny lift picture, ha! Must try harder next month to make up for it ;)

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Mock-Turtle said...

I hear ya on the lonely front. It's taken me a while, but I've had to accept I have to be more solitary as the school run takes up a lot of time. And also school gates aren't as social as nursery pick up.

Kara said...

So much love. I actually love this photo in the lift. You all look so united and happy.

I understand your pain. I have had to step away from some truly awful family relationships this past few months. I am learning the people in my little home are the most important and them and I should always come first.
Much love xx

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