Me and Mine October and a trip to Legoland

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This month I've been so excited for one thing over everything else and thats half term. I missed having my little buddy around SO much, more than I thought I would if I'm honest. I big part of me was grieving having him around and both me and his little sister were left most days wondering what to do. The house just seems a lot quieter with him away having his adventures without me. We actually initially planned to go away over the break and Tom originally took the week off but seeing how tired Wilf was getting each week and on the advice of friends with kids already at school we decided a slow chilled break would be best all round.

Instead Tom took half the week off and we decided to make a mini holiday of a couple of days away in Windsor and to visit Legoland! I feel like Wilf is at an age now (almost 5) to really appreciate places like this and as he's also recently gotten into Lego in a big way that when we were invited up it seemed like the perfect fit. We didn't actually tell him until the night before, we considered telling him on the day but actually the hotel we stayed at was one that partnered with Legoland (the Harte and Garter which was ace) so he had a bag of Lego goodies and a map waiting for him on his hotel bed which was a big clue. I thought he might not be able to sleep because of being so excited but actually I don't think he could really comprehend it until we were there. It was so sweet watching his face as the bus pulled up to the entrance and him exclaiming 'oh wow! I just saw a giant lego piece!' Tom and I kept looking at each other like 'wait until you see what's inside!'.

One of things thats so amazing about being a parent is how incredible it feels to see joy on your childs face.  I know that probably sounds super corny but all the cliches about parenthood are so true, you care about someone way more than yourself and so seeing them happy makes you happy.

We hadn't taken a Me and Mine picture yet this month so whilst we jumped on the 'Heartlake Express' over in Lego Friends city I tried to take a quick family selfie. Thankfully a nice american lady with her family sitting behind us offered to instead. Usually we are too British to accept when people offer and always say 'oh no, but thank you!' I'm not entirely sure why, maybe out of embarrassment? Anyway this time we made our excuses again and the lady said 'are you sure, I'm actually a photographer so I should be able to fit you all in'  so then I kinda of felt obliged to say yes and you know what? I'm so glad I did! I think next time someone asks I'm going to stop being so awkward and just thank them and go for it!

We decided to take the day pretty slowly especially as we have two very little kids. We did get a Q
Bot which meant we could reserve the next ride as we walked along and so didn't have to queue but actually I don't think we would have had to have waited all that long on the rides we were going on. My favourite bit was riding the helicopter with Wilf in Duplo Valley, it was one of those special moments of just us two doing something together that I'd really missed. Mabli's favourite was the super cute water ride that went round Fairytale Brook and we all really loved the submarine in Atlantis (although that's about as much thrill I can take at the moment, I'm definitely not a thrill seeker ha!).

atlantis legoland windsor
heart lake express legoland
legoland storybrock

I think because we had decided to take it really slow and not try and see everything it felt like the perfect amount of time to stay without anyone getting overtired or too hungry or too full of sugar (ha!) We all really loved the tiny lego cities and could have spent ages there following the trains round. It really was such a lovely day and the perfect half term activity and staying over in a hotel either side of the day meant we were all rested but got to spend some quality time together. The pass we had meant we could have made it a two day trip which I think if you have older kids would be ace but we felt like as we were only going on the little rides a day was plenty.

October has been such a great month for us, after feeling pretty lonely in September and dealing with the big changes school and life has thrown at us I'm feeling so good about the future. I love Autumn as it's the lead up to mine and both the kids birthdays and then Christmas of course. So much to celebrate and reflect on.

legoland miniture village
legoland miniture village
legoland miniture village
legoland lego friends
legoland lego friends

Wilf's so excited to get back to school tomorrow and tell all his new buddies about his half term adventures and I'm looking forward to spending some one on one time with my little girl too.

P.S if you want 10% off a Legoland booking just click here we really want to go back and stay in the Castle hotel that will be finished next year!

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Life Lately

First of all, can we address my coat obsession? Will there ever be a time I don't get to Autumn, swear to myself I have enough already and then find one that makes you feel like you're wearing candy floss and a big warm hug all at once?! (FYI this one is from H&M!)
Even when your husband tells you that your arms will be cold, it's not waterproof, looks too big and doesn't even have any buttons?! I often wonder that my most favourite pieces in my wardrobe are Tom's most hated ;) ... take this pinafore for example..the one that I discovered through my friend Erica's site and was then told by said husband made me look amish..

Can we also address the fact that my baby smashed my DSLR on the floor and broke my lens (my fault for putting it so close to little hands to reach) and then my laptop broke on the same day? I'm not sure what my technology is doing to me right now but I'm going back to phone blogging and y'know what? I kinda like it in a nostalgic way! Me and a friend were chatting the other day about about blogging, about how it used to be the shy, awkward and the unsociable who'd start blogs and online friendships (I'm talking about myself here, I pretty much am the biggest awkward person ever). Remember when things like internet dating used to be something that people would snigger about? Now the world is online and blogging is taking over magazines and YouTube is taking over TV. I find it fascinating!

On the subject of YouTube I'm getting more into it and I made my first 'tag' video the other day if you fancy a watch.. and if you like what you see and fancy subscribing that would really mean a lot to me too! Talking baby names is one of my favourite things EVER, I'd love to know what your favourite names are, I actually wrote a post about this early in the year too! I'm currently planning a whole load of cats in our future with the below names..

Ok so this Duplo castle won't built itself, I'm off to help my little family build the biggest one ever before bath and bedtime, wish me luck ;) Speak soon!

Half Term with Disney Life

I am a DisneyLife Brand Ambassador and this post was created in partnership with DisneyLife who have provided me with a free 12 month DisneyLife membership.

With Wilf's first half term since starting school approaching, I am beyond excited about having my little boy to myself again. I missed him so much – more than I expected, funnily enough – and both me and his little sister are honestly just happier when we are all together again. The first school term has totally wiped him out though, so instead of planning any big trips over the break we are going to take it a little easier and instead organise a few activities closer to home as well as some much needed duvet days.

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Afternoon snacks and a morning with Yazoo (plus win a months supply!)

yahoo sugar free drink

Last weekend me and my little buddy had our first ever morning together without the baby since she arrived almost a year ago now. I asked Wilf if he was excited to spend some 'mummy/Wilfie' only time and he sad he was sad that Mabli wouldn't be with us (which just about melted my heart into a puddle) although once we were on the train and he got to play with his toys undisturbed he did mention it was nice she wasn't stealing his stuff ;)

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What Mama Wore - Joy the Store

I've been meaning to get this post live for a while but with this and that it's sat sitting in my drafts waiting for words. Today I managed to sneak out the house (Tom's with the kids of course!) and go nurse a coffee whilst tap tapping away at my laptop. Sitting in a cafe blogging never fails to make me feel cosmopolitan, like I'm a little bit Carrie Bradshaw. Once when Tom and I were travelling together and I opened my laptop whilst the kids were sleeping to answer some emails he said 'you look just like that woman, tapping away at your keyboard'. I was all like 'oh I know! You mean Carrie Bradshaw from Sex in the City?' his reply? 'NO! I meant the other lady, y'know Angela Lansbury! From Murder She wrote!'...not quite what I was going for.. ;)

We snapped these pics a few weekends ago on a trip to our favourite blue and yellow building (otherwise known as IKEA). I've worn this top with so many outfits since and is the perfect fit, especially for someone like me with a longer tummy. If you fancy a bargain then it's only £7 at the moment, I bought it in a 12 and I'd say I'm sort of a 10/12 currently.

The skirt is an Aztec skirt from Valley of the Dolls and it's such a lovely fit as well as print. I hadn't bought anything from Joy for a good few years funny enough and I'm really impressed with the quality. I used to buy their dresses pre-motherhood but as I have a longer torso and am fairly tall they always used to come up quite small on me, since buying this skirt though I have a bunch more items in my virtual shopping basket. This season is my favourite and I love the idea of high necks, midi skirts tights and chunky knit jumpers!

My shoes are from Boden which are another item I am literally wearing to death! SO good for the dreaded school run!

Right my coffee is cold, better get back to the kiddos! I hope to have a few more outfit posts up soon so do let me know if you like this kind of thing! x


Eight Coats you Need! (yes you need 8 coats..)

I this thing for coats.. Tom will tell you that the obsession is pretty bad now.. I think I might have about eight? I'm not sure if that's a shocking amount or not..but they are piling up a little bit in our hallway.. the thing is it gets to coat season again and then I just fall in love with another, how can you ever be done with coats?

So my new obsession is finding the perfect coats for you guys, so I don't buy them..ok well maybe that blue one..just the one new coat?

1, pink wool coat , completely obsessed with this 2, yellow cotton wool-blend coat (so much so I'm pretty convinced I need it in yellow AND 3, blue).
colourful coats you need
Or what about this Faux fur? or this vintage style one from ASOS? I love this brown faux fur from New Look too! I feel like if I wore that brown one I'd be channelling my inner Margo Tenenbaum, love it!
faux fur coats you need autumn

I have a big thing for duffle coats and Wilf has a little yellow one so I couldn't help but pick up this yellow Boden one so we could be twinning. What about this amazing reversible leather jacket from Zara though?!
autumn coats you need yellow duffle
What do you think? Which is your favourite?


Lunchbox packing with BEAR Yoyos

Now we are over month into the school year (where did those three weeks go?!) and Wilf is now doing full days we are getting into the swing of our new routine. I'm trying to make the afternoons as chilled as possible and not pack too much into our weekends until he's gotten the hang of the long days a bit better. Bedtimes are starting earlier, which is coinciding well with the evenings getting darker and I'm finding that Wilf is raiding our cupboards for snacks pretty much all evening because he's suddenly got a massive appetite! 

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A Colourful 25 years, body confidence and creatives `

No that's not how old I am (try adding five years) but it IS how old one of my favourite brands are this month. Boden invited me on their colourful photowalk with Xanthe Berkeley a couple of weeks ago to celebrate 25 years in the business and it was like a mix of a bunch of my favourite things to do all in one morning. Colourful sixties inspired clothes, beautiful murals, instagram and a bunch of some of my favourite online friends. Plus I was dying to finally get on one of Xanthe's photowalks (you can find out more here).

I've been blogging now for around seven years and whilst I feel like I've made quite a successful career for myself the first three years or so I was just bumbling along enjoying my rather geeky hobby. I don't think my blog is particularly slick or magazine like and nor do I really want it to be but I do think (hope) it reflects my style and my passions. I've made some of my closest friendships online and also forged great working relationships with some of my favourite brands.

Lucy & Lucy!


I remember when Boden first contacted me to tell me about their press day, I think it was literally the first press day I had been invited to and although I actually couldn't attend I appreciated them seeing something in my blog, if I'm honest back then I had A LOT to learn about blogging (think photos that were so tiny you needed a microscope to view them & probably taken using the 'hipstamatic' app) so the fact that they liked it meant a lot! Here's a prime example of my blog back then if you fancy a laugh!

Anyway moving forward, I really feel like both myself and Boden have changed a bunch in the past four years. Their collections just keep getting better and mix the perfect about of modern and retro as well as the most beautiful colours of course. Hopefully my blog continues to improve with age too, ha!

It's been about ten months since Mabli was born and I'm definitely not anywhere near 'pre baby me' in terms of my size but I'm not mega stressed about it. There are many ways in which having two children has changed my body but for the most part I'm pretty content with them. I'm only human though so things like postpartum hairloss, massive breastfeeding boobs and carrying a bit more weight than I'm used to are insecurities that rear their head from time to time. Add to that the amount of grey hairs I've found lately oh my gosh! That being said I am incredibly thankful and proud of my body for what it's created and the age it's got me to so far! So when Boden said that Joe Galvin would be taking pics of a few of us for the site I was so chuffed to be one of the ladies and chose to leave my 'mum tum' hang ups at the door before I left.

I'm sure you guys have heard of Joe but he is a brilliant photographer and also boyfriend to the lovely Liv Purvis. I think they are both pretty much the most down-to-earth, nicest 'internet couple' out there. I first came across Liv's blog when my friend Hels created Lionheart magazine, right back from the initial concept of the magazine that she shared with me over a jacket potato on my lunch break (back when I was pregnant with Wilf). Liv had a fashion feature in every magazine and I was totally hooked on her style, my pregnancy diary featured in the first three magazines too. If you want to check out the back issues you can get them here. Liv has actually always been really supportive of me even featuring my (old) shop products on her blog a couple of years back and I know she's also a real champion to small business and creatives (like my friend Laura). So it was no surprise really that Joe was just as nice and also super talented!

Ok gone off a tangent there I think! I actually didn't take too many shots because I was filming quite a bit of footage which I'm going to include in a round up video really soon so these photos are mostly by Joe with a few of my IG shots too (the below shot is by Natasha Candy Pop with whom I enjoyed a little Boomerang wiggle ;))

I think I'm a pretty shy kinda person so being in a big group of lots of people I admire was a bit daunting but everyone was so lovely (and I knew a few people already) so it made for such a lovely morning. I have to say though I'm always so happy to get home to my little one, Wilf too of course but there's something about that pull when your babies are so little I think. Yep I'm still calling her baby, I'm pretty sure she's going to be called one until she's 18 months..or um 18..

So happy birthday Boden!! You can shop the looks below!




Two halloween looks for kids with Snazaroo!

I LOVE Halloween. It's one of my favourite holidays and I think it's something that's even more exciting when you have kids. As mine are currently *almost* 5 and *almost* one (how has that gone so fast?) but we try and decorate in our home on the day and have spooky games and treats in the evening.

Last year we took part in a bike ride around our local park where they had set up all sorts of fun and spooky activities like making lanterns and toffee apples. All the parents had to dress up too whilst riding around and Wilf and Tom went together and had a blast! I was pretty much 9 months pregnant at the time so sat it out (although I did think of dressing up as a pumpkin considering I was the shape as one) which is why I'm even more excited about Halloween this year!

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What we wore - Gap Outlet

I've always loved twinning with my little buddy and I feel like through taking pics of our outfits together we've been able to capture some of my favourite pics of us over the years. Since Wilf started school one of the things I've been lamenting is being able to chat to him about what he's going to wear that day. Dressing my kiddos is one of my favourite things ever about parenting! 

GAP outlet puffer wear
GAP outlet puffer wear

The other week we took a trip as a family to our local GAP outlet store in Swindon. As we live by one of the little stations that run through the city in Bristol we were able to get there in under and hour and spend the day at the McArthurGlen designer outlet. We'd never been there before but it was such an easy and fun day out for all of us and we scored some brilliant bargains. I love a good outlet spree as you get that buzz from scoring some amazing deals as well as picking up a new item of clothing. I think that's why I love thrift shopping so much, its the thrill of a bargain ha!

Wilf and I were on the hunt for GAP Outlet puffer outwear as part of this collaboration we were doing with them. I must admit that it's not a style I'd considered before but since then I've worn daily on the school run. I feel like it's real 'school run mum' fashion, paired with some trainers and cropped jeans. On a weekend I paired it with a new favourite skirt I picked up from JOY and a high necked grey top.

Wilf's jacket is also now his new school staple as the weather has turned that much chillier and he even discovered his new bestie had bought the same one, which was super cute. I just love these pics of him taken by my lovely friend Nell! 

GAP outlet puffer wear family
GAP outlet puffer wear family

Have you visited a GAP outlet lately?

This post was sponsored by GAP Factory 

Two years married

It was a pretty low key event, pretty 'us'. My big brother walked me down the aisle, my friends made the flowers, family helped dress the tables at 11pm the night before, my bestie and me drinking bucks fizz with my sister, running over the road to my neighbours in our slippers so she could do our hair.

I didn't go dress shopping with my mum, instead I ordered in some ones I'd found on the internet, a couple of my friends shared their opinions on their favourite in my living room whilst we drank tea and our toddlers played on the carpet beside us.

We danced our first dance to 'Hounds of Love' by Kate Bush performed by my sister and brother in law whilst our two year old joined us.

The next day we stayed the night at a local hotel over looking Bristol suspension bridge, my mother in law stayed over to watch Wilf. Our friends sent us some footage of the wedding they had shot without us noticing. We watched it on my phone and had tears in our eyes because we felt so loved by so many.

I never dreamed of my 'perfect wedding' I could have taken or left it. I don't think marriage changed our relationship at all but it really was one of the best days of our lives. To celebrate the family we had become, and the the friends we had made along the way. To celebrate our lives together. I only wish we could do it all again and include Mabli this time.

So maybe we'll do it again in a few years time hey Tom ;)

find more wedding-y bits and bobs here

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