123 Friday and getting some space..

Waaaay back when Mabli was just weeks old we teamed up with a 'yet to launch' app to create a little video together. When the folks from 123 Friday got in touch about their idea for the app it was something that I could immediately see us using. As a blogger I use my phone a lot (more than I'd like to admit if I'm honest!) I'm also the worst at filling it up and having to delete about ten pics before I can take any each time!

I do already use a storage account but I quickly ran out of space on their free account and the only other option seemed to go to a business account which had a ridiculous amount of space but for quite a high yearly fee (I think it was around £75). I did actually pay this as I wasn't aware of any similar types of business around, until I was made aware of 123Friday. What the app does essentially is provide a back up for everything that is on your phone such as photos, videos, contacts etc which makes it doubly useful if you end up losing or breaking your phone as you can just transfer it all back using the app without losing anything.

There are three price points depending on how much storage you think you need with the smallest option being a reasonable £10 a year building up to £30 a year for the largest plan which holds 128GB.

Whats kinda cool about the idea behind 123Friday though is that once you've signed up you can refer friends using your own code and then earn a referral fee if they want to download it themselves. It explains it a little more in the video we made with them but then if your pal refers it to their friends you also get a cut of that (as well as them) just getting that extra affiliate earning from the extra share (if that makes sense!) you can also find out here.

So if you want to download the app yourself then you can download it here and if you wanted to use the code FRITHA54 then it would be super appreciated!

Watching the video is making me laugh as it reminds me of me saying to Wilf 'lets go to the cafe!' when we were walking along that path and he was like 'yer!' and then we did it three times for the take and he was so confused like 'you literally just said that mum!' haha, poor bloggers child. I actually filmed a behind the scenes that day if you fancy a watch here (oh my heart Mabli was so tiny!!).

There's also a bit in the video where my phone says it's out of space & that totally wasn't added in after, it really is my life day to day. I'm almost always like 'hey can I take a picture? Oh wait let me delete a bunch of things..'

I'm going to embed another video here too just to explain a little more, (also pretty impressed with coin catching skills there, I'm imagining doing this and them hitting me in the head). So essentially you can download this app if you need help with storage and just leave it as that,  a useful app and be on your merry way or if you are a blogger or 'influencer' then you also have the opportunity to earn a referral as you would with lots of affiliate type programmes if you fancy it.  Simples

As usual I always disclose when I'm working with a company and this post is in association with the app but all words and thoughts are my own 

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Flisstee said...

I appreciate this is a cross platform storage app and that will be really useful for some but you can get 200gb iCloud storage for the same price as 128gb with 123friday.

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