Tigerlilly Quinn: Getting to Grips with Go Grippers Bounce and Speedway

Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Getting to Grips with Go Grippers Bounce and Speedway

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You might remember a post a few weeks ago talking about how we were working with Oball and their Go Grippers range. We've been testing the range over this past month and more specifically the 'Bounce and Zoom Speedway' toy which this post will be covering in more detail.

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Wilf and his pal Stella have loved playing with these toys, it's been really interesting to listen in to the games they have been playing with them and where their imagination leads. The Oball Go Grippers Bounce 'N Zoom Speedway includes a claw that when pushed down can pick up one of the mini cars and drop it so that it lands directly over the bounce pad which then projects the car which results in lots of giggles!

Once of the things Stella liked about it was that the spiralling ramps meant that the cars could go down two different ways and added an element of unpredictably each time they played. The geometric holes mean that kids can pick them up really easily but also include the usual design as part of their imagination. I love how kids can find such excitement in little things such as the cars being numbered and make their own story out of why they are numbered and what their names are and such like. One of my favourite things is hearing the conversations that kids have, it makes me so glad I do what I do in recording little snippets of my children's childhood.

The Bounce and Zoom Speedway does take up a bit more space than our usual play toys but you can actually take it apart and rebuild it really easily. This is something that definitely helps when you're buying a toy I always keep in mind how much space it will take up in Wilf's bedroom! It actually reminds me a bit of a marble run type activity and I think kids often like the repetition of activities like this.

As well as the speedway we were also send the Oball Go Grippers Dump Truckand the Oball Go Grippers Loader as well as a few cars to go in the loader which helped bring the collection together as a whole I think and also added to the imaginative play the kiddos had using it. Another thing I noticed about the claw for the speedway was that it operates using a downward push mechanism rather than something that needs batteries, and I think its definitely a blessing that these toys don't make noises or have flashing lights or anything headache inducing! ;)

You can see from the video below how it operates.

If you want to see my previous post on the Oball Go Grippers range then just click here!

As always all pictures are my own and this post has been written in association with Oball as declared at the start of the post you can shop this collection here.

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