In preparation of Mabli's first Christmas (warning this post contains a whole load of cute!)

baby boden christmas 2016

Warning - Extremely picture heavy post with an emphasis on CUTE!

I am a Christmas person, through and through. There's no point even trying to be cool about it. I LOVE this time of year, in fact I think I love the run up to Christmas more than the actual day itself. We were never particularly heavy on traditions in my family growing up, we loved spending time with each other and being one of five children there was always a child young enough to still believe in Father Christmas enough to make the day magical but when I became a mum for the first time Christmas time just became something even more special.

I'm working with one my favs Boden in this post to talk about all things Christmas and all things Baby Boden at Christmas time so if you are a fan of babies in fluffy reindeer slippers and robin PJ's then head this way..

baby boden christmas 2016 robin pj
baby boden christmas 2016 pj robin

I only seen to be able to make Christmas babies, with Wilf born just days before Christmas 2011 and Mabli born before Christmas 2015 it makes for a pricey December but an even magical one in my opinion with so much to celebrate!

Boden asked us if we'd like to pick three Christmas outfits from the Baby Boden range and these are the ones we went with.

There isn't anything I enjoy more than a new snuggly pair of PJ's. I love the tradition of everyone getting new jim jams on Xmas eve to go to bed in and make Christmas morning so comfy and cosy for opening gifts in. I picked the Robin Pointelle Twin pack and couldn't resist picking up the Jersey Long Johns for me. If you can't try and twin with your baby daughter when she is 11 months old when can you??

baby boden christmas 2016 robin cardigan
baby boden christmas 2016 robin cardigan

This Winter Friends Cord Pinnie in the Robin print is probably my favourite piece from the three we went for. I love that it's so festive without going completely overboard. I teamed it with Sparkle Pointelle Body which is just so so soft and this adorable Robin cardigan, no such thing as too many Robin's over the holidays I say!  

baby boden christmas 2016 christmas dress

OK this is my new favourite picture of Mabli ever.. sums up her cheeky personality so well! 

baby boden christmas 2016 christmas pj
baby boden christmas 2016 christmas mini boden
baby boden christmas 2016 christmas mini boden

For the third look I chose her a Christmas day 'party' dress and went for the Sparkly Stripe Jersey Dress. I like the idea of a baby party dress that is also really cosy and easy to move in (or in Mabli's case crawl in!). This one is really simple but the sparkle adds that extra festiveness and I love the peter pan collar too.

baby boden christmas 2016 christmas mini boden
baby boden christmas 2016 christmas mini boden cardigan

This year has honestly been the fast year of my life. The first year with a baby is always so intense, so many sleepless nights and highs and lows. I thought that it went quickly when Wilf was a baby but I feel like it was literally just a couple of months ago when she was born. Madness! I couldn't imagine how another child would effect our family, I couldn't imagine loving someone as much as my little boy but this little pudding has fitted in like she was always here. She was always meant to be part of our little gang and I can't imagine life without her.

baby boden christmas 2016 christmas mini boden cardigan
baby boden christmas 2016 christmas mini boden tigerlilly quinn

I'm over on the Boden blog chatting about our Christmas traditions and more if you fancy a peek then head over here. I hope you liked this little collaboration and thanks as ever to the brands that support this blog.

What traditions do you have for Christmas? I'd love to know!

In association with Boden / Images Nell Mallia 


Fionnuala said...

I love that these outfits are seasonal but not all red, gold and sparkly. They are really pretty. Well done on the twinning effort too ;)

Lemon and Peppermint Childrens Vintage said...

Love the Colour Palette! ๐Ÿ’•✨❄️

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