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Monday, 7 November 2016

DIY Advent Calendar!

OK it is just me or has 2016 been the fastest year that's ever existed!? I know I have a baby and their first year means that time moves faster than normal anyway but seriously I feel like I blinked and it moved from Spring to Winter!

You may remember back when Mabli was just weeks old I became an ambassador for Command Brand. Anyone who has ever rented or has a penchant for interior design problems has probably come across these products before but if you haven't then they are basically such a helpful aid for doing a whole bunch of things around the home. You can see my DIY Easter wreath here and my project for bringing a bit of the outdoors in here.

This time I'm going to show you how I made a fun DIY advent calendar using a few different Command Brand items.

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For this I collected a few different size envelopes, washi tapes, stickers and pens. I actually bought most of them from Hobbycraft but you can pick up these kind of things from lots of shops or even eBay if you search for 'washi tape' or sometimes 'scrapbooking' I find comes up with lots of cute stickers or embellishments.

I used Command Brands strips and hooks for hanging the different size and shape envelops. I particular like the party mini spring clips for hanging up the envelopes and allowing you to just unclip them to remove them easily.

I think this could be such a fun DIY to do with your kids as well on the run up to December. That is if you're not a control freak like me and aren't too hung up on things looking 'right' ;) I actually love the idea of making a grown up one and one your kids can draw whatever on!

I think it would be super sweet to fill the little boxes with gifts and the envelopes with little letters to your kids or 'gift tokens' that can be used for a treat. There are so many possibilities of what to put in them really I think it makes a nice change from the usual chocolate shapes in them. My children may disagree ;)

What do you think of my Christmas DIY using the Command Brands products? Is it something you think you'd try for yourself?

In association with Command Brand 

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Fionnuala said...

I make a cloth Advent calendar each year for the boys, but I like this idea too. It is really flexible and open to using your imagination.

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