Make the most of Autumn and Winter Seasons, without the colds!

With Winter fast approaching and Autumn settling in, we enter the seasons that are one of my most exciting of the year (I'm very much a Christmas person!), but also one of the trickiest when it comes to kiddos catching colds and bugs. As a parent I know that coughs and colds come hand in hand with little ones, in many ways they are an essential part of growing up and building their immune systems. That being said we want to ensure that these moments are made as comfortable as possible. We're working with Sterimar children range in this post to highlight their 100% purified natural seawater based formula as an aid to clear, unblock or decongest tiny little noses this cold and flu season. As a parent these products can help save unwanted stress, as well as easing the symptoms that little ones might be experiencing. 

For me I found it really reassuring that the range is the UK’s Number 1 GP recommended saline brand for nasal conditions, it means I feel comfortable that I’m not putting any nasty's into my children's bodies. Its natural seawater based formula works in harmony with the bodies natural functions and eases winter sniffles for the little ones. 

What’s brilliant is that Sterimar Children Range covers children’s needs straight from birth. The baby nasal spray product aims to clear and unblock nasal passages, which aids natural breathing by washing out impurities. I know from experience that when Mabli is feeling under the weather sleeping and night time feeds can sometimes be the worst for her, so something that offers a more restful nights sleep is a huge plus! There is also a kid’s nasal spray within the range, which can be used on children from 3 months old and focuses on decongesting the nose by eliminating unwanted mucus. One of the things that can often happen when your kids get a little cold is that they are susceptible to secondary infections so having a product that can help reduce that risk is one less thing to worry about. 

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The best thing about this range is that it contains no additives or preservatives and is drug and steroid free. Making it a safe and gentle option for helping your little ones battle the effects of the colder seasons.

I'm a firm believer that the colder seasons shouldn't stop you from getting outside with your kids and it just makes for the perfect excuse for cute baby hats and mittens, wellington boots and chunky knit scarves. Did I mention I love Autumn/ Winter fashion the most too?

I'm not sure if it’s due to the gorgeous colours on the trees and ground, discovering conkers amongst our feet in the park, or the fact that it’s my birthday season but I get excited whenever I feel the change in the air come September. One of my favourite things to do during these months is go for walks on the weekend with my family. We play leaf throwing, conker hunting and hot chocolate drinking! 

We've been giving the Sterimar products a go over the past few weeks, using it on the kids before we head out in order to ensure they remain protected from catching any seasonal sniffles, and it occurred to me what a help these things are for children who are a bit too little to blow their own nose. Children apparently can develop 8-12 colds a year so having something around that can ease those blocked or runny noses is a must! We headed out to Bath this weekend to spend some time in its beautiful parks. Before we all got wrapped up Wilf tried to help Mabli with her walking which was just the cutest thing, while Tom helped Wilf onto a branch of one of the tallest trees which he was equally as thrilled/ scared about and has told quite a few people about since. I love weekends like this for getting back to basics and enjoying time with my little gang. 

What remedies do you use during the Autumn and Winter months and do your kids love conker hunting as much as mine? 

Photos - Nell Mallia Photography 


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Sarah-Lou said...

I think I need some of that right now! X

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