A little adventure with Super Yummies

One of the things I love about having kiddos is that they force you to 'do things'. Pre-motherhood, weekends would probably be spent doing lots of relaxing things like long breakfasts, reading the paper and watching boxsets. If I'm honest heading out on a walk probably didn't used to be 'top of my list' of things to do to pass the time. With little children that calming scene is a distant memory, in its place we have two little inquisitive minds that need entertaining and as much as I'd love a lie in I have to say that the memories we make adventuring definitely make up for lack of sleep.

We're partnering with The Super Yummies on this post to share with you what we got up to over the weekend on our little adventures and how we brought their snacks out with us to keep those little tummies fuelled. The lovely team over at The Super Yummies sent over a couple of beautiful books 'Nina Chakrabarti's 'Hello Nature' and 'Nature Art' by Jenny Bowers to inspire our imagination (both of which are beautiful books btw) and also a couple of cute Little Life back packs to collect our finds out on our nature walk. We decided it would be fun to pick up some Autumn leaves to bring back and paint on, with all the beautiful Autumnal colours out there at the moment I'm not sure who was more excited Wilf or I to be finding them in all different colours, shapes and sizes. Little Mabli has 'just' started taking her first steps but was feeling a bit coldly on this walk so stayed cuddled up in the sling.

We actually use the pouches a lot with Mabli in our every day activities. I'm definitely not the mum who is very organised so keeping a bag of the rice cakes and a few different fruit pouches in my bag or pushchair makes life a lot easier. I learnt from when Wilf was a toddler that having snacks on hand can divert many a tantrum, like their mother my kiddos get 'hangry' (hungry/angry) if their tummies start rumbling!

I love how seeing the excitement from a four year old from finding the 'perfect stone' can be infectious. Pretty soon I was finding my own 'perfect' stones and leaves to pop into my own bag!

We cracked out the apple rice cakes for a little pit stop before heading off on our way. I love this little walk along the old railway path, it's just long enough to feel like we've blown the cobwebs away but not too long for little legs. We've been coming here since Wilf was about 18m and as Mabli is getting more sure on her feet I can't wait to let her loose too.

When we got home we set about crafting with our Autumn spoils.

I love the little face Wilf made! Mabli and I worked on the spotty ones ;) also I have no idea who Lei'  is either.. but I've learnt one thing about crafting with kids and that's let go of control..as hard as it can be sometimes! ;)

This was such a lovely little activity for a Sunday and I can't wait to delve into the books again for inspiration for our next little adventure! 

I'm partnering with The Super Yummies and Little Life to giveaway one discovery pack which includes: 
A Little Life back pack
A Selection of nature inspired activity books
The full Super Yummies products range

To enter just comment below via Rafflecopter on what you and your little one enjoy getting up to on your adventures. This entry method is mandatory but all others listed below are optional extras. A winner will be annoyed within two weeks of the competition starting. 

In association with Super Yummies

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Tee simpson said...

Mine love to find treasure. They love going to the local wood and finding pinecones, sticks, stones and any other things they get their hands on to decorate and keep in their rooms

Along Came Poppy said...

Anything involving puddles, mud, scooting, climbing ��

Unknown said...

I love your little one yellow coat. Would you mind me asking where it's from?

Unknown said...

Where is your coat from I love it :) after baby no 2 feeling like making some effort with myself :-/

Anonymous said...


Emma said...

Mine love a walk around the park

Tammy neal said...

Hiding in the park is the favourite I do see where they hide first though x

Rach1015 said...

My toddler loves walking through leaves and touching trees and plants , would love to win may even get my older daughters out and about too more !!

Rebecca Phillips said...

We also love going on nature walks. Our favourite place the towpath along the River Lagan. They get to feed the ducks, run around on the grass and, most importantly, collect sticks!

Unknown said...

We love going god walks and finding interesting things, then bringing some home to craft with

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