Conflicting thoughts on consumerism, giving to charity ...and a SALES wish list! ;)

Hello! I hope you all had a lovely Christmas! I'm currently debating taking down the Christmas tree this morning (the day after Boxing day, which apparently is something that results in very divided opinion) whilst simultaneously filling sacks of toys and clothes for the charity shop and muttering 'I just want to get rid of it!' (Grinch much?). So it might seem odd that I'm writing a post about buying MORE things. Things you most certainly don't really need and yet..I love clothes, and I feel like the one in one out rule is a good way to combat this..even if at moment I'm feeling more like ten out one in..

I also wanted to mention in this post that the idea of encouraging spending and material stuff is something that I definitely struggle with. I really hate the idea of people desperately searching for gifts for people that don't need or want for the sake of it. Tom and I agreed to no presents for each other this year (as going away for Christmas was a gift in itself) however we both broke this rule and bought each other one item of clothes each and Tom also bought me a thoughtful book I really wanted. It's a little harder with Wilf but we both only got him the one gift as we also knew he would be throughly spoilt by Tom's family and I feel OK with that as long as we're also getting rid of some of his old toys.

ANYWAY something that has helped me come to terms with my conflicting thoughts on the matter is also using this holiday period to GIVE. We donate throughout the year too and I'm not writing this to be preachy or show off but I thought I would mention some of the places we donated to this holiday season and why.

Now that Mabli is a year we are carrying her in a sling less and also really only had need for one (but somehow ended up with four!) we donated three to Carriers for Kos and will donate the last one when we are finally done with it. I simply cannot imaging how hard it must be to be escaping the horrors of war and carrying a baby at the same time. Being able to baby wear must be a great help so if you have one knocking around then I'd defo just them a shout. You can see what they do here or they also have an Amazon page Kos Kindness where you can give anything from £1 to help with food and clothing

We also donated what we could to ICRC..I want to say the money we would have spent on Christmas cards but lets be honest..I am no way organised enough to send Christmas cards! Our thank you cards from our wedding are still lying around the house waiting to be send (with stamps on too!) two years later.. I'm never sure who is 'best' to donate to but I know that they are finalising the evacuation of 35,000 people from devastated Aleppo. They said that the scale on the crisis is greater than anything they have faced in 15 years time. Its just completely heartbreaking to even imagine.

We also gave a little to group 'phone credit for refugees and displaced people' it was something I hadn't really thought on too much but when I saw the FB group pop up on my feed made so much sense. You can text 70070 with the text CALA85 with the amount you want to give.

We also donated all the coats we didn't need (scratch that..half the coats..I have an addiction) to a cause a little close to home, Keep Bristol Warm (you can see a little in this vlog here).

I actually watched a documentary on Netflix the other day called Minimalism which was really inspiring. It really made me want to declutter but it also made me realise I can minimalist whilst still loving fashion. Putting together items of clothes is something that makes me feel immensely happy, I dress for my mood, or who I want to pretend to be that day. It's creative and something I take great joy from and I think as long as I'm adopting a policy or giving some away when I get new pieces I'm ok with that.

And now on to some sale pieces that I hope some of you buy..so I don't! ;)

THIS skirt from Hobbs is now down to £49, I love yellow, incase you didn't know ;)

The Bethesda Flannel blouse from Anthropologie, it reminds me of my childhood oddly enough. My dads parents lived in an area of Wales with the same sounding name and the colours are like that used on an art project I did with my dad!

Another yellow number sorry! This jumper is a firm favourite in my wardrobe and is now £33 you can see how I styled it in this post.

I couldn't do a sale post without mentioning my old favs Boden. They currently have 60% off so if you enjoyed Mabli's Baby Boden shoot here then all those bits are currently discounted. If I were to pick three things it would be, these slippers (I have a pair and they are like a hug on your feet), this blazer and this dress (worn below) from this post.

Cath Kidston have 40% off and I love this cute little kids duffle  or what about this dress? so sixties!

The lovely people at People Tree have 50% off and you can get 15% off full priced items with TLQ15

A few people have asked me about the scarf I posted on IG here and you can find on sale here and this dress looks so cosy!

I think that's it for now! I hope you all had a lovely break and I'll be back soon with tales from our Christmas in Amsterdam! x

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Unknown said...

Totally get you Fritha! I got a book for Christmas called The Curated Closet- think you might like it!

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