Me and Mine November 2016

Sorry I forgot to post this yesterday! It was my birthday and frankly I almost forgot it was even my birthday. I got really spoilt by my little crew with a unicorn skirt from Wilf, a yellow cardigan from Mabli and a cactus jug from Tom.

One thing I'm very thankful for is not being 9 months pregnant this birthday like I was last year for my 30th! (gosh I just looked back on those pics and I was big!!)

I hate to start this post as I seem to start ALL my Me and Mine posts but gosh this month has been a busy one. It's mainly involved a bunch of disruption, we are having building work on our home and everything is very up and down. We chose this time to wallpaper our bedroom and then whilst we were at it re-carpet. So everything from our bedroom was shoved into Wilfs tiny one, and it's yet to really sort itself out again. Add to that building me an office off the back of our kitchen and it's all a bit of a mess, very dusty, very disruptive and quite stressful! It will be worth it of course but I am really looking forward to getting a bit of order into our lives in December..that is until we rip out our bathroom after Christmas..haha what are we like??

I'm a little worried about how often our Me and Mine's end up in our bed (good job we have a super king!). I love this goofy bunch though, and although its often last minute and not very thought out I love to look back on them at the end of the year. This year will always be a special one for us as it's the first full year of Mabli being with us and our family being complete. It's been a tough year in many ways, mainly because babies are handwork and tiring and add another kiddo and starting school and house renovations and working too hard and well..life! It's been exhausting at times, I'm working towards a calmer 2017 please.

One thing I've been LOVING this month is listening to Wilf read whole books! Wow, we are both blown away with how much he has soaked up since starting school. I love that he's made such firm friends and is so excited to go every day, it's only been a couple of months but he's not once shown anything but love for being a school boy now. On the other hand I have been missing him more and more, October half term was so so nice to have both my kiddos back with me everyday and I do feel a loss of him not being around during the week as much. Roll on Christmas holidays!

Mabli is now SO CLOSE to walking, as in she can do three steps, which I'm not counting as an actual walk yet..I did think she'd be on the move before her birthday in a few days but I think it might be a few weeks yet. She is babbling away a lot though and I think she is understanding a lot more of what we day, picking up on words like our names or goodbye and bits like that. I've loved having a little baby again but I'm also quite excited for this next chapter with a toddler and all the fun that will bring.

Tom and I went out for our first couples night out this month too, we went to see Regina Spektor who we were both blown away by and it was really nice to do something 'just us' even if it was just a few hours. It's given me a taster for getting a bit of our couple life back and I know that it will come eventually as the kids get a bit older and it's easier to leave them for longer. I guess thats the benefit of second children, you know it gets easier, that most things are phases and if you can wait it out you'll probably get though the trickier times.

Anyway, I'm rambling a bit now! Don't forget to check out the other ladies posts and link up if you have a 'me and mine' pic this month xx

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